Coca Cola vs Pepsi

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Coca Cola and Pepsi have similar core benefit for the products they offering to the market, to quench the thirst of the consumers in the market and also sell of non-alcoholic soft drink (Horowitz, 2011). The core benefit is the basic requirement or need that ensures that consumers are satisfied by consuming their products and services.

According to Horowitz (2011), a generic product provides a description of the basic version of attributes contained by a product that are absolutely essential for their functioning but without features that are distinguishing. Therefore, generically, both Coca Cola and Pepsi are both soft drinks operating the same business segment.

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Lubin (2012) defines the concept of the expected product as a range of attributed or features that consumers commonly anticipate and are in agreement to when they make decisions to buy a product. When consumers purchase a product from Pepsi, there expectation is a sweet, and a citrusy flavored burst product while consumers expect a raisiny, and a vanilla taste soft drink product from Coca Cola. The production of Coca Cola products takes place continuously in a red background along with their iconic “Coca Cola” writing, while on the other side, the packaging of the Pepsi products is done in a can which contains a blue writing.

The products made by the Coca Cola Company also feature the nutritional facts and label of the specified product. In addition, it provides contact information of the manufacturer as well as the place or location of manufacturing for purpose of after sale services. The product also provides additional information about it such as the website domain. On the hand, Pespsi may be similar to Coca cola products in some instances (Horowitz, 2011). The customer support for Pepsi is great since they provide fast response and easy accessibility and availability of Pepsi for purposes of contact in case an issue arises.

Potential products includes all the transformations and augmentations that a product might undergo ultimately in the future (Lubin, 2012). For Coca Cola, the pledge is to assist their customers to remain active as well as making choices that are of high nutritional value. Coca Cola provides an array of products that ensures that the individual needs as well the lifestyle nature of their consumers are catered for. Coca Cola provides low and zero calorie beverages as well as regular calorie beverages that are packaged in various small portions (Bodden, 2008). The objective of the solution was to address the issue of obesity across the globe. On the other hand, Pepsi is also concerned with the issue of obesity in the world and it is taking measures to control the situation. The company is considering at the content of sugar, saturated fats, and salt in the food and the beverage products they offer. In addition, Pepsi is considering increasing fruits, whole grains, vegetables and nuts in their products.

In terms of brand knowledge and brand position, Coca Cola is established its brand in many parts across the world where it had captured significant beverage market share in various markets such as in Africa, and Europe (Lubin, 2012). Pepsi on the hand is mostly popular in the United States where it concentrates more in offering its products.

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