Compromising a Linux Online System

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When a server is hacked or compromised, most often resources like the CPU will be consumed 100% for simple tasks like email spamming, crypt currency and or lunch of attack using DOS. Therefore the first sign that a system is compromised is a slow system which can manifest during the emailing process or when opening normal web pages.

A well secure Linux is more protected because of the low levels of root privileges that are given to users. This, therefore, makes it difficult for viruses to access the root of the system. In Linux, there is diverse monoculture which is another benefit of Linux systems. Linus has Ubuntu, Gentoo and Debian and many shell packaging systems. This makes it more difficult to attack Linux uses because the systems are all different compared to windows which have the same system. Most of the hacking also target windows uses because Linux audience is just handful. The developers of Linux are countless and thus can see an error in coding in time.

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Even though Linux is one of the secure systems in the world, it has some vulnerability. Some of this weakness is in programming defect and weak configuration which occurs always during coding. In the recent few years, GHOST, POODLE, Heart bleed and Shellshock were the vulnerabilities that affected Linux operating systems most.

Hackers can target a compromised slice host server as in the case of Apache organization where the attackers opened a new issue. A TinyURL was used to shorten URL and redirect. After using XSS to access the system the attackers collected password which they used to access various accounts (Apache, 2015).

A user can log in to the system without using a password in Linux system by creating a new user account. From the new account, one can access the main account without providing a password. SSh provides an encrypted way to communicate with the administrator of the server (Apache, 2015). To longing into this kind of system using a password, create an SSH key, copy the public key to the server then connect to the SSh sever name.

Security risks that affect Linux in the past few years like LuaBot, GHOST, Umbreon, POODLE and many others can be controlled by the use of multilayered approach like trend micro server protect because network security cannot be relied on exclusively.

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