Creative Dance

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Dancing is inherent in human nature. Even as we walk to school, talk to friends, or take a shower, we are experiencing life through the presence of our bodies in space. The writer of “A Journey Backward,” Leissa Dickinson, believes this statement to ring true. Getting in tune with our movements in pedestrian settings can give us insight as to who we are as movers in the studio.

Creative movement is an study of dance that involves students completing improvisational exercises. The dance’s structure is formed by the dancers, or movers, creation of the piece. The performers are not planning ahead or thinking about the presentation of the work. Instead, they move in the moment and listen to the urges of their bodies.

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Though this style may seem to be completely free form, there are some frameworks involved. These frameworks need to be in place to teach dancers to watch out for their own safety. First, is the shifting space in which the dancers are moving. The bodies in constant motion change the shape of the space, and consequently the pathways across it. It is important for a dancer to be able to navigate these pathways while the shape of the space is still changing around them. Another is the personal space around the dancer. This is so that the dancer can be aware that they will not strike another dancer with their next movement. With these safety measures in place a dancer is free to move in whatever way they feel fit.

Creative dance is linked back as early as Martha Graham who used creative movement to express her love of nature. Creative dance is a key way to understand one’s own individual dance style, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. It is also a wonderful way to get to know one’s own body, and learn to love its many quirks, and individual movement style.

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