Swing Dancing

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In 1998, GAP utilized swing dancing in one its most innovative advertisements yet. The ad features a line of male and females dressed in loose fitting khakis. As the peppy swing music starts, one couple bursts into a fun swing dance only to be joined by another couple. The couples move into the shot (one or two couples at a time), and the viewer is affected by the great time they seem to be having. Everyone is smiling, and the stark white floor and background upon which they are dancing seems to make their movements pop as the viewer is totally focused upon the dancers.

The final shot is of two simple words: GAP Swings. Obviously, GAP is trying to sell khakis as that is the commonality shared by the dancers in their attire. They are also selling fun with the dancers’ fluid and frenetic movements. By intertwining and showcasing the fun movement of swing dancing with their khakis, they are counting on the consumer buying into the fun by purchasing this type of casual wear. The dancers are young and the movements between and among the dancers is seamless and flawless. The message seems to be that if one purchases GAP khakis then one can have this much fun.

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The swing dance itself takes us back to a simpler time in the mid 1900s when this type of dance was popular. Swing evokes images of pure, simple, nostalgic joy. Using dance, in particular swing, for this campaign is brilliant. Swing dancing in khakis also evokes ease and casualness. The pants are seen as being comfortable and something that one would slip into for a weekend of fun.

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