Heineken Dance Commercial

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The dance commercial that is being broadcasted is an advertisement of the Heineken products, which is Heineken beer. By use the dance, many people get attracted to view the clip and thus they are able to view the advertisement. The type of dance is very hilarious and thus every person will be motivated to watch and even download the video so that they can share it with a friend. When the video is shared across the social media, the message of the product is shared across and thus many people get to know about the Heineken Beer as well as the Heineken products.

The power behind human movement is that it is attractive and eye catching. Many people feel that they should watch how other people do it and even some feel inspired so that they can as well try such movements (Changizi). When one watches someone else dancing, he or she finds it very attracting and thus he is also motivated to try it out on his or her own. Another thing that is behind the human movement, which is dance, is that, it evokes emotions to the person watching. Always become emotional when we watch people dancing different styles. The emotional experience that one undergoes when watching affects us in different ways as some will feel attracted and try to learn on their own.

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The most attractive and effective use of the dance is to communicate the message about the product that is being advertised cross the media. Those dancing have special moves that attract the person who is watching thus he keeps on watching and at the end, he gets the information about the advert and thus promoting the same of the product. This is one way of promoting the products in a more delightful way.

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