Customer Expectations Essay

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Provision of superior customer service is one of the strategies that is very crucial towards corporate advancement. This is through promoting services and initiatives that assist in meeting customer expectations. In order to advance provision of superior customer service, there are various techniques that can be adopted. These strategies are very crucial towards guiding the decision making processes in the administration of various business activities. They are also very crucial towards putting a good impression on a business (Gibson, 2012).

These strategies include making decisions on what the business wants to achieve (Gibson, 2012). This is outlined in the values and mission statements of a business. This includes making a decision of who the target customers are. Customers should be given the value that they deserve. This is through making decisions that try to meet their expectations. The administration of the business should always treat the employees with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Treating the employees well is very instrumental towards determining the way the employees are likely to treat the clients.

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There are various situations that may present challenges towards provision of high quality customer services. These practices contribute towards the provision of inferior customer services. Lack of taking into consideration various ethical and cultural orientations is very destructive towards creating good customer services. This is because this is one of the activities that creates a point of engagement and strong attachment between the customer and the business entity (Gibson, 2012). On the other hand, when a business tries to attract other customers while disregarding the existing customers can prove costly to the business customer service structure. This is because lack of equilibrium between creating new customers and maintaining the existing customers may lead to functional instability and lack of attention to the existing customers. This is an attribute of poor customer service.

It is very important to engage the customers’ expectations on what an organization offers regarding to customer service. This is because customers tend to be associated with an environments where they feel appreciated and recognized. Therefore, all organizations should make sure that they build full confidence among the customers through ensuring that they have a feeling of satisfaction while working with the organization (Gibson, 2012). All the communication that is advanced to the customers’ should be characterized with objectivity and tolerance. Good communication is very crucial towards dictating what the customers should expect of an organization.

Exceptional customer service is very crucial towards enhancing loyalty to an organization. One of the major attributes of good customer service delivery is the recognition and appreciation of the customers. This makes the customers to feel like they part of the organization. This is also one of the activities that advances the psychological engagement of the feelings and emotions of a customer (Gibson, 2012). Therefore, this increases the level of attachment because of the customer service team regard their clients with a lot of respect and values. Consequently, this creates a good working relationship and thus enhancing the level of loyalty.

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