Developmental Autobiography

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I was born in Orizaba, Mexico on August 13th, 1976 in a family of five. Am the eldest child among the three children that my family was blessed to have. Coming from a strong lineage of Catholic believers, my parents, James and Mary Lopez, believed in raising our family in the strong Catholic values. It is these strong Christian values and the roles as the firstborn that nurtured my leadership qualities. Precisely, I had to teach my siblings the importance of being an industrious, focused, and resilient individual. Luckily, the values paid me off since they enabled me to secure a chance in Ross school of business in the United States of America to study a bachelor degree in business administration. Although my siblings and parents remained in Mexico, I managed to bring my family along to join me in the United States.

Since I have always admired soldiers, I have spent most of my life engaging in military-related activities. Fortunately, this obsession has complemented my mentorship duties to my siblings by making me an aggressive individual who pursues various goals in life regardless of my chance of succeeding in the tasks. For instance, I joined the scouting club in Escuela Renacimiento due to their paramilitary nature. Joining this club was very beneficial to my values as a leader. The club enabled me to appreciate the significance of teamwork, strategy, consultation, and discipline in leadership (Baden-Powell & G. R. S. S. B.-P, 2010). Precisely, I noticed that engaging each member of the team allowed us to optimize our strength as a team by enabling us to identify the strength and weakness of each member. Consequently, the team was able to beat other teams in various activities since we were able to assign roles to members according to their potential. Although teamwork was the principal value in making the team strong, the other values complemented our teamwork’s effort in promoting the performance of the team. Being disciplined and making frequent consultations to improve the team’s strategy was critical in making the team develop great ideas and maintain its greatness. Although I never joined any scouting club in high school, the four values helped me so much that they were the basis of my social life in high school. Since providing leadership made me an aggressive individual, my relationship with my siblings guided and prevented me from pushing people away due to the intimidating nature of my strong character.

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My active life and excellent performance in high school were critical for my admission to Ross school of business in America. According to the dean in Ross, the admissions board was pleased with my ability to balance between both academic and extracurricular activities. Although other applicants portrayed the same values, being able to integrate the values I learned in each aspect of my life to my character as an individual gave me an edge over the other applicants. Precisely, they noted that the integration demonstrated my passion in everything I did and made them believe that giving me the opportunity to study in Ross would be helpful in developing a passionate community. Moreover, the board also noted that being Spanish was necessary since my admission would improve the school’s diversity program. After completing the four-year program, I joined the United States Navy to serve as a soldier in the 3D
Assault Amphibian Battalion.

Joining the marine in the United States was a dream come true to me. Although I had envisioned joining the military back in Mexico, getting the chance to work with the American Marine was more thrilling than the one in Mexico. Mainly the sophistication and superiority of the American navy were the significant contributors to the joy that joining the American Marine gave me (Wood,  2013). Similar to my previous experiences, the marine was critical in developing my leadership skills. First, the service has taught me essential managerial skills that were critical in my service to various departments in the military. For instance, the marine allowed me to manage multiple properties that belonged to the force. Precisely, I was in charge of the supervision and verification of the storage of unserviceable gear that was waiting for demilitarization. Moreover, the managerial position bestowed to me other duties such as the conductance of weekly inventories of unserviceable equipment, and the management of disposal of hazardous material to Hazrat. As a leader, the experience of performing these roles was critical in making me an accountable leader.

Second, serving at the marine has helped me improve my visionary skills due to the decisive tasks that the job required me to do. For instance, I once served as a policymaker on critical military procedures. Precisely, I served as the principal advisor to top-ranking military officers in the navy over the forces’ demilitarization protocols, and the running of the RT/D program during the processing and requisition of military gears. Since I had to avoid misleading my superiors, the job forced me to do thorough research and improve my confidence when advising the military officers (Williams, Jenkings, & Woodward, 2016). Moreover, the visionary leadership required me to integrate strategy and organization in various military operations. These included military activities such as monitoring and conducting daily searches using DLA Disposition services web and the requisition of items. Essentially, the majority of these actions required a high level of commitment to perfect them. Since my multiple experiences had toughened me up, adapting to these tasks was easy for me. Although serving as a marine was great, I decided to enroll back to school and pursue a master’s degree in leadership. Not only is this additional education important for my duties in the military, but the knowledge will also help me polish my mentorship skills to my friends and siblings.

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