Effective Leadership Essay

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Typical organizations are characterized by the operation of various processes and activities. These activities are operated by professionals in various fields of expertise. There are also numerous groups and teams in the organization that enhance the smooth of processes. In order to enhance effective collaboration and communication in the groups, leadership is very essential. Leaders should ensure there is a strategic balance of all aspects within and outside the organization in order to facilitate the manager of the organization (Alan, 2014). The leader must also ensure that all operations are consistent with the cultural orientation of the organization and the organizational goals.

In my organization, there are various cultural changes that have occurred in order to enhance the level of service delivery. A practical example is the structural change that occurred in order to keep with the high rate of technological evolution in order to meet the demands of the consumers. The organization had to embrace the use of information systems in order to improve the level of service delivery through reducing errors in the operations of the processes. Embracing the speed of information systems was one of the practical ways through which the speed of the organizational processes could be enhanced. In order to reduce the level of resistance within the organization, a cultural change to embrace the information systems was crucial. The effective transition was facilitated through educational and professional development promoted by strategic training of the experts in the organization.

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The change affected the organization in numerous ways. Initially, there was a problem with the application of the new systems in the organization because of the lack of transition from the old culture to the new culture. However with the chance of the psychological setup of the staff members and an increased level of motivation, the change assisted the organization in promoting the level of service delivery. The change was a classical application of the Contingency theory because of strategic application of leadership was employed in order to facilitate effective change of culture (Lombardo, 2014). The situation required making of decisions that suited the circumstances.

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