Substitutes that Reduce the Importance of Leadership

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In a majority of cases, people consider a leader to be a single person who takes charge of a group and guides them to achieve a common goal. Although it is important to have a team leader for organizational purposes, there are several factors that reduce the importance of this position. The leadership system has several inherent issues such as selection of the leader, the quality of communication and effectiveness. The “Substitutes for Leadership” model emphasizes the reduced importance of leaders since many, while focusing on the increased importance of the group or team.

Self-managing teams are the most effective method for reducing the importance of the leader and increasing productivity. When many people work as a team, each individual is able to contribute their strengths to the project while offsetting their weaknesses. Another positive result of self-managing is that this type of group organization can offset the negative effects that certain types of leaders bring to the table. Ineffective, over demanding, and “blabbering” leaders will occasionally hinder group progress. The group model counteracts these negativities by collaboratively assigning positions to group members that are of equal importance.

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In my own experience, I find self-managing teams have helped achieve goals more quickly and efficiently. I have been a member of many groups where there has been an overbearing leader who has assigned jobs to members without first listening to the groups input. In addition, I have been in groups with leaders that are talkative, and seem like a good leader in theory. However, when we all start the project, it turns out that these kinds of leaders don’t actually know how to run a group. Therefore, I think it is best for there to be no leader at all; responsibilities should be divvied up to each member of the group in a way that everyone agrees on so that the production of output can occur quickly and effectively.

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