Enhancing Job Productivity In Cloud Computing: A Proposed Framework

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This research encompasses the field of Cloud Computing where it addresses one of the pressing issues faced in the field today.

Research Question
How can we improve job productivity in cloud computing? The research question is answered using a proposed framework. This framework lays out ways in which productivity can be enhanced in cloud computing.

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While cloud computing has several advantages, it also comes with its set of limitations. These limitations affect job productivity making it less reliable. These challenges include incompatibility with certain applications, performance unpredictability, software licensing and security breaches (Ambrust et al, 2009, 15). These barriers to cloud usage means that cloud computing may not be fully embraced by some. This goes to show that the question is indeed worth studying and with much evaluation, job productivity may eventually be enhanced. In the field of cloud computing, this study will not only add additional knowledge but also provide an opportunity for businesses to realize their goals and targets. Much importantly, cloud computing will be proven to not being unreliable and inefficient; a tag the technology has struggled to shrug off.

This study is indeed clear, feasible and significant. This is because the proposed framework meant to answer the research questions will use cloud computing usage learning styles, demography and cloud characteristics to arrive at a feasible solution. In the proposed framework, higher education will be used to assess its effect on cloud computing use and its productivity. Also to be used are demographic characteristics and the kind of influence it has on behavioral motivation when using cloud computing.

The study will be undertaken in a systematic way such that resource allocation in cloud computing is ascertained. Certain components of business value in cloud computing such as cloud service governance will also need to be examined (Padilla et al, 2015, 3). At the end of the day, the framework proposed in response to the research question aims at improving cloud computing. This will especially be of benefit to business as it will help in improving business value (Chang, 2016, 4). Several papers are to be used to help me in the study and they include scholarly articles and technical reports.

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