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“The man stays a young person until his mother dies. Then he will become an old man.” I will explain this proverb in a few words. When mothers die, the angels of God say to the sons, “Your mother died for whom we used to help you. Now you have to work hard because you are the only one to help yourself.” When a mother prays to God, she will usually ask God to help her sons in their lives. However, when a mother dies, who will ask God to help her sons as she did? The meaning of the word “Mother” is not only a female parent; it is also something more important.

When a mother becomes pregnant, she gives her life to her son. The mother carries her son for nine months. She may lose her health to feed her son inside her body. After she delivers her son, she will continue to feed her son from her body. When her son becomes sick, she will stay with him, watching him and caring for him. When her son starts to walk, she will watch him, so that he does not get hurt. When her son starts to go to school, his mother will wait for him until he comes back. When the son becomes a man he will get married; then he will leave his mother alone. Is that the benefit that a mother should get after everything that she did it for her son?

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In my religion, God said in the Quran, “But if they strive with you to make you associate with me that of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. And accompany them in this life with kindness; and follow the Path of he who turned to Me. To Me you shall return and I will inform you of all that you have done” (31.15). Some people may say that their mothers were not good to them, so they owe their mothers nothing. However, the Quran states that children have to be kind to their mothers regardless. They will understand why after they get married and have children.

I offer this advice to married people. A mother is something wonderful in life. A son who still has his mother’s love, even though he has a wife who also loves him, has a love like no other, since the love of a mother is unlike any other. There are many women who complain about their mothers-in-law. Women will understand this situation when they become mothers to sons who will become men, and some woman takes the son from his mother. Do you know how jealous she will be? The smart women, who can understand this situation early, will encourage their husbands to visit their mothers and let them call their mothers often. Those women will encourage their husbands to buy gifts for their mothers, because someday that will happen to those women. God treats people equally. What you do to your mothers-in-law will happen to you when you became mothers-in-law.

There are great people, who are scientists, writers, intellectuals, doctors, and teachers. Who is behind them? Are not great mothers encouraging their kids to become great people? Who built all these generations? Is it not great mothers? Mothers are more important than anyone else. The governments of many countries do not seem to know that their greatness comes from mothers. I will explain this: when there are perfect mothers, you will see perfect generations that will take their countries to the top. But when there are bad mothers, you will see bad generations that will take their countries to the bottom.

I will tell you about my family. All my family members are educated people, except my mother, but this does not mean that because she is not educated, she cannot encourage her kids to become educated people. My mother is the most emotional person that I ever seen. She does not like to complain if any of her kids make a mistake, but she uses her emotions to show you that she is sad. My father died when I was two months old, and he left my mother with seven kids when she was still young. She became both father and mother to us. She did not leave us to live her life. Instead, she stayed with us, and she put all her faith in God and in education. She knew that education would be the best investment for her children. My mother is someone who, even if I wrote a book about her, it would not be enough to describe the sacrifices that she made for her kids.

Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Mothers are important in anybody’s life. The safety and love that everybody feels is from God, then from their mothers. When she dies, there is a big vacancy in her children’s lives. I ask God every day, for every mother that sacrificed for her kids, to go to the paradise without judgment.

I said earlier that “mother” is more than just a female parent – that a mother is something far more important. I stand by this. I think a mother is an expression of God’s love, meaning that “mother” means “love.” A mother is also someone who makes sacrifices for all of their children, sons and daughters. So, “mother” also means “sacrifice.” But even before the children are born into the world, requiring the mother’s sacrifices, the mother is the origin of the son and his world, while he is in her. “Mother” then can also mean “origin” and “world,” for those are the roles she performs.

“Mother” means many things, and many things mean “mother.” To create a single definition of “mother” is difficult. In my religion, mothers should be respected and receive kindness. This signals that mothers are important and deserve respect and kindness. The many roles the mother performs throughout the lives of her children become definitions for “mother” – one who loves her children, one who cares for her children, one who protects her children, one who nourishes her children, one who supports her children, one who teaches her children. All of these things serve as a definition for “mother.” Each one is a definition, and all of them together are a definition for “mother.”

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