Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

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For this topic I interviewed a spiritual leader, Reverend Bates, which identifies with the Christian faith. This interview was done by email request. (Revised)

Question: Hello, thank you for your time. I wanted to ask what your spiritual belief on embryo harvesting, and genetic manipulation for posthumous conception?

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Spiritual Leader: Reverend Bates: Hello, no problem, I will be happy to answer your questions. As a member of the Christian faith we believe that all life starts at conception including embryos. We believe the dilemma with embryo harvesting and freezing for posthumous use is unacceptable and immoral. The husband needs to be present, it is a consensual step that the husband and wife make.

During in-vitro fertilization after the husband has passed is immoral. The doctors and the wife are playing God, by using science and technology to create life. If it was in God’s plan for life to be created with the husband and wife then it would have happened. We cannot always decide what God’s plan it, but creating life is not something that we as humans should decide to play with.

When doctors and the patients use in-vitro fertilization to implant embryos it is the act of playing God, and that is something that our faith doesn’t accept. Embryo utilization that is imposed messes with God’s plans, humans are not God, and we have no prerogatives over human life and death. When couples partake in in-vitro fertilization it is something that they do between them (husband and wife) and let God do the rest. Genesis 1:31 says that God saw everything that he made it was good.

By manipulating those embryos we are telling God what he created wasn’t good. When we take frozen embryos that are still considered humans beings and freeze them for fertilization we are taking God’s creation into our own hands, and that is not what the Bible tells us. Marriage is the time where men and women fulfill the conjugal act of procreation. When insemination is performed by someone else that is not the husband of the women, it is considered an act of adultery. In-vitro fertilization is a risky procedure that has a high unsuccessful rate where more die in the womb than are being born. This takes an emotional toll on anyone, and much for Christians to bear to participate. I hope I answered your question.
Response: Yes you did, thank you for your time.

  • Reverend Bates. (2013). Email Interview with Spirituals Leader. Retrieved on October 17, 2013.

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