Ethics in Psychotherapy Analysis Worksheet

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Main purpose of this article
I believe that the author’s aim of writing this piece was to update the reader of what it entails to be a psychiatric therapist and demonstrate the regulations that preserve a good moral practice in this particular career. The author further advises on the utilization of numerous resources’ to aid one in better decision making so that one does not make any errors.

Problem Statement and Solution
The issue or problem that the author addresses the need for therapists to have access to resources that assist them in upholding an ethical exercise at all times.

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Author’s Point of View
In this article, the author’s point of view offers the diverse case scenarios that instantaneously give the illustrations and subsequently offer assistance to the therapists.

Information provided by author to support his position
Well, the data or material provided by the author aim at supporting his position as to how someone identifies the problem statement and recognize what evidences exist to support this notion. Initially, for any pegging question, for instance, if one has any doubts, the author advices one to read the code of moral values acceptable, therefore, one can smartly be prepared to handle problems.

This will also help therapists be ready to answer questions their client raises any, since someone would need a solution to their problems. The most suggestive approach would be to use the code of ethics to answer the question in hand.

The key inference gotten from this article reading is that it is precisely significant for a therapist to safeguard themselves, their clients and in overall their job practice. They are advised to always track the guideline expectations always keep themselves in check and updated with the current information.

Author’s implication on line of reasoning
The most probable concern that the author’s argument suggests is that psychotherapists ought to be well informed, and be up to date with the issues regarding the moral values in practicing the profession operations.

  • Barnett, J. E. (January 01, 2008). The ethical practice of psychotherapy: easily within our reach. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64, 5, 569-75.

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