Google Compensation Plan

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Obviously, Google is one of the most desired workplaces in the world. There are many employees that are eager to work for a famous IT corporation Google, Inc. One of the reasons for such a high level of competitiveness is a considerable range of benefits and perks that are offered to the employees of Google, Inc.

First of all, it is important to emphasize the decent financial remuneration that Googlers get from the company for their work. Consequently, working in Google gives an opportunity for the employees to have financial freedom and ensure high-quality lives for their families. Moreover, the company provides from 15 to 25 days paid days off depending on the amount of time working in the corporation (Cain, 2017). Another benefit deals with the fact that the company creates very comfortable and favorable work conditions. Google offers free gourmet food and snacks for the office workers (D’Onfro & England, 2015). In addition, it is allowed to come to work with pets of workers (Cain, 2017). Company’s management considers that is it gives an opportunity for the employees to feel comfortable and be able to concentrate on work.

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Another important benefit that Google offers for its employees is constant development and personal growth. The company gives an opportunity for career growth. In addition, they are motivated to read and improve their skills constantly (D’Onfro & England, 2015). As a result, there is a room for creativity at the workplace that is very respected by the employees. The last but not the least component of the employees’ improvement and development refers the physical training motivation. Google offers their own gyms or covers expenses for physical training.

Thus, taking everything into account the conclusion can be made that Google, Inc. offers a large number of benefits and perks to its employees. They refer to different interests and fields of workers’ lives. No doubt that offered benefits are the key competitive advantage of Google on the global human resource marketplace.

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