Google Culture

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Google is commonly recognized not just as the most popular search engine on the web, but also as one of the best employers in the country. Along with high salary and stimulating intellectual work, Google’s employees get into an exciting culture which is a bit corporate, a bit academic, always people-centered and fun. Namely, all workers are encouraged to take ownership of their work process, to practice their creativity by making improvement suggestions, and to socialize with smart colleagues.

Further, all workers have access to numerous recreational areas, gourmet food, sports, massages, healthcare services, and numerous learning opportunities. Investing into all these perks, Google attempts to maintain motivation and loyalty in its employees as well as to create a space where employees have energy, power, and security needed to express an innovative idea, come up with new products, improve the existing products, and ultimately make the company earn more. From the reviewed materials and the accounts of Google employees, this approach of keeping the people happy appears to be working even as the company scales, keeping the productivity and creativity high.

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Along with discussing and anything the success of Google both in search engine business and in human resource management, some point to the negative aspect of company’s operations. Firstly, as more and more people grow concern for their privacy online, the family of Google services appears to be dangerous because of the amount of personal information it collects about its users. Although the company claims that all this information is used merely for the provision of better services, some critics are rightfully suspicious of its motives.

Secondly, social activists in the San Francisco area are blaming Google and other tech companies for hijacking the rent and living costs. As these companies offer big salaries and various bonuses for their employees, the social inequality grows deeper. Thus, some people critique Google’s attempt to start teaching its employees mindfulness as this meditation technique serves merely for soothing the stress and anxiety of modern-day living while ignoring the social disruptions that cause them in the first place.

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