Gun Violence As A Crime

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Gun violence is a crime that is committed with the use of a gun. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of deaths and injuries related to gun violence is on the increase in many states in the US (Krohn, 2001). Many people die annually due to cases of homicides, mass shooting, robbery with violence, suicides or succumbing to gun-related injuries (Ludwig, 2001) In the state of Arizona, which is in the south-western region in the US, gun violence is a no exception. The state has more accommodating laws towards gun possession, distribution and their accessibility unlike in the other states where the laws are strict. In Arizona, the rate of gun possession is on the higher side than in the other states (Teret, 2017)

There are laws regarding ownership of the guns. A person can own a gun in Arizona if they meet some set conditions. One must be of twenty-one years and above, be of the sane mind and have no criminal record (Teret, 2017). The individual also has to have undergone a firearm safety course. Persons who are in correctional facilities are prohibited from owning guns. In the state of Arizona, it is not a must to obtain a license for a gun, unlike other states whereby the owner or carrier of a firearm must have a valid license (Korwin, 1998). There are some types of firearms that are prohibited by the state. This includes the automatic firearms and riffles that can shoot continuously without requiring manual reloading (Krohn, 2001)

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With the less restrictive laws in the state of Arizona, many people own guns. These firearms in most cases are used to commit a crime in the state. There is an abuse of gun use and many people end up dead due to homicides or street shootings (Krohn, 2001). It has resulted in an increase in gun violence. Robbery with violence is rampant in the various cities within the state. Arizona has been ranked as the tenth least peaceful country in the United States (Ludwig, 2001)

Minors have also been found to be in possession of firearms and mostly engage in criminal related activities. Cases of a mass shooting in public places such as the mall or in schools are on the increase (Krohn, 2001). With all the shootings that are taking place in this state, there is need to control this state of affairs to help reduce gun violence. There should be more strict laws regarding the acquisition of a firearm (Korwin, 1998). These laws should be sane and make it hard for individuals to access the deadly firearms. A license that is renewable over a given period of time should be mandatory to control the ownership. (Krohn, 2001)

The state should also control the sale and distribution of the firearms. Only licensed sellers should stock and sell guns. Illegal sales from unscrupulous traders should be curbed to reduce gun possession by the wrong people. A compulsory training before purchasing a firearm should be compulsory (Teret, 2017). In Arizona, most training is done online. However more should be done to facilitate thorough training on safe gun use techniques. Gun manufacturers should also come up with better technologies to improve gun safety. Advanced technologies in the provision of child lock and fingerprint requirement should be developed (Teret, 2017). Gun violence has been witnessed in homes and in the neighbourhoods. An extensive background check should be done on any individual who wants to buy a firearm. One has to prove beyond any doubt that they are of sound mind, patient and with no anger issues (Korwin, 1998).

The state should put in place measures to educate the general public on gun violence issues arising from anger issues, seeking justice for oneself, lack of empathy, revenge killings and drug abuse (Ludwig, 2001). In Arizona, the state can employ more trained police officers and guards to help improve security and, therefore, no need for the general public to have guns. Legislation to deal with illegal gun possession should be made and adhered to.

The consequences of breaking the gun laws should be high so as to deter illegal possession and use of the deadly weapons (Ludwig, 2001). People should be able to walk freely to malls, schools, drive and live freely without fear of attack. Improving the justice system will help prevent revenge killings. Monitoring ownership, sales and the distribution of guns will help curb illegal possession and reduce cases of gun violence (Ludwig, 2001).

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