Healthcare Marketing

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Marketing is considered to be one of the most important aspects in the sales of goods and services. Putting strategic marketing plans for the sales of goods would be an effective way in ensuring that goods that are produced are sold effectively before expiring. Marketing in general is the communication of the values of a product, brand, or service to the consumer with the aim of promoting or selling the product, service, or brand. For marketing to be effective, there are several techniques that should be put in place. These include choosing a target market by doing market analysis and market segmentation and also advertising the product’s values to the customer and having a better understanding of the consumer behaviours (Berkowitz, 2011). Marketing is an aspect that is also implemented in the healthcare sector. Marketing is said to play a core role in the determination of price as well as the distribution of a product or service. The following paper will look at a specific healthcare product and analyze it in terms of the product’s strategy, price, and distribution.

The healthcare product that we will put our focus on in this case is the wheelchairs. These are healthcare products that are of essence to individuals who have complications with their spine, as well as walking problems. Looking at this product’s life cycle, it is evident that they long last if the user uses as per the requirements and as such can provide services for a long time. This is a product that needs to be taken good care off so that it can provide and serve its purpose in an efficient manner. Some of the things that need to be looked at include lubrication of the moving parts. Each product has a peak and a trough i.e. would stop being of service at some point. In our case, wheelchairs are deemed to have a long life span and as such once bought they can provide services for a long time.

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Pricing is also an important aspect in the sales of a product. Wheelchairs are differently priced depending on the cost of production amongst other factors. Some other factors that are considered in the pricing of such a product include quality of the product, brand, and market conditions. In our case here, market conditions do not significantly affect the pricing of the product but factors such as quality, brand, and cost of production are the key determinants of this product (‘Healthcare Marketing’, 2011). Wheelchairs may vary in quality as some are made with leather and comfortable sits and as such would tend to be more expensive that those that are just made of plastic seats. In addition, there are those that are electrical which also tend to be more expensive. In this case, the factor of cost of production comes in.

Distribution of products is also an essential aspect in sales where the products have to be distributed effectively from the point of manufacturing to the market as a whole. The above stated product is distributed effectively to hospitals as well as independent retailers so as to meet the demand that arises for them. Distribution is a key element in the sales of products since it is the means through which the products are brought to the market so that consumers can be able to access and buy them. Product strategy, pricing, and distribution are key in marketing and strategic planning. This is so as a product must undergo all these elements before reaching the buyer or the consumer and as such it is essential that they are closely tied up. It is therefore of essence to put this elements into great consideration so as to have a good strategic and marketing plan.

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