Hydrogen as Fuel

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The expansion of use of electricity has been growing over the past several years and shows great promise to continue growth into the future. As a result of the increased usage of electricity, it is even more important to find alternative solutions that produce clean energy, which in turn will assist in protecting our planet. One of the most viable solutions to producing new, clean energy is through hydrogen fuel. There are several reasons as to why hydrogen fuel is the best option to date. One of the top reasons being that hydrogen fuel can be widely used among different modes of transportation, especially electrical powered vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel has proven itself to be a viable option when it comes to a new source of clean energy. It has been proven that hydrogen fuel, when compared to fossil fuels (i.e. gasoline), has a greater viability (Nicoletti et al. 2015). Since hydrogen fuel is made in part from water vapor, which has several different uses, is much better in comparison to the carbon dioxide that fossil fuels create. Even more so, Nicoletti et al. noted that hydrogen fuels are much less flammable than fossil fuels, which decreases the risk when exposed to fire (2015).

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With some of the hydrogen fuel benefits listed above, it is important to explore the increase in amount of car companies that are planning to produce vehicles that run off of just hydrogen fuel. This would allow the car to gain its fuel from the earth’s atmosphere and generate fuel via combustion. Researcher Verhelst notes that powering vehicles via hydrogen fuel is a concept that can be maintained for the long run (2014). Even with much research supporting the viability of hydrogen fuel, there are many obstacles that must still be overcome. Some of these obstacles include harvesting enough hydrogen fuel to make it sustainable and how to store it since it is a costly process. The storage tanks, made of Lithium Hydride, creates an internal environment stable enough to create a guaranteed way to store the hydrogen (Antonelli 2015).

In conclusion, there are many advantages to using hydrogen fuels and moving away from fossil fuels. There are some challenges still present, but the world is working to find a way to make hydrogen fuel a mainstream source of energy. One of the main industries that will be able to capitalize off of the use of hydrogen fuel is the automobile industry. The future is promising for the use of hydrogen fuels.

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