International Marketing in a Company

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A company’s program for international marketing must generally be adapted and modified to foreign markets. Certain strategies are used by international marketing platform to achieve its marketing goals. A firm, within every foreign nation, is likely to find a combination of target markets and marketing environments that are different to those of other foreign nations and its own nation. It is crucial that in international marketing, pricing, product, promotional strategies, and distribution be adapted accordingly (Glowik, 2011). If international marketing is to work correctly, legal, economic, social, and cultural factors with a nation must be understood clearly. According to Glowik (2011), sometimes the international marketing task is more risky and difficult than many firms expect.

Management is one of the factors that influence international marketing. It is crucial that managers see the similarities as well as the differences in the behavior of the buyer. Various things can go wrong if the managers’ lack to realize that buyers are not the same in different countries. For international marketing success, the managers need to be more concerned on the buyers’ differences rather than their similarities. Buyers’ differences are the ones that cause problems and not similarities. According to Mathur (2008), a manager whose job description entails enabling exchange of products from an organization to its clients or customers is known as an international marketing manager. In international marketing, many surprises are due to human error brought about by the international marketing manager. Unexpected results are at times unavoidable. However, it is crucial for the international marketing manager to understand the differences of the various countries that his company is indulging in during international marketing (Mathur, 2008).

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Culture is another crucial factor in the dealing of international marketing. Different nations have different cultures and many international businesses are not aware of them. If a firm wants to efficiently market a product, it is important for the management to understand the cultural differences of different nations in which the marketing is to occur. For example, different nationalities have a different approach on how matters of business should be handled (Glowik, 2011). Whereas some nations prefer to handle tasks under a specified timeline or deadline, some nationalities in some countries may view this as offensive. If a firm does not understand such factors, it may work negatively towards the international marketing program. The knowledge of what to do when you are in a foreign country is as important as the knowledge of what not to do. In some countries, if one offers a cup of tea and it is humbly refused may be seen as an insult and ruin the whole marketing program (Carrigan, 2005).

Communication, which is also a cultural aspect, is an important factor in international marketing. Marketing is all about knowing how to communicate a product efficiently so as to increase sales. Therefore, international marketing needs to understand the most efficient way to communicate a product to a foreign country and in what language. Sometimes in communication, in international marketing, translation of messages may be done in the wrong way, economic differences ignored, and regulations overlooked (Kotabe, 2009). In so doing, the message may end up being ineffective when it arrives. Additionally, not all forms of communication in international marketing are verbal. Some are non-verbal and due to cultural differences, some non-verbal communication may be unacceptable in some nations. Therefore, it is crucial for firms to be able to interpret various communication means in international marketing.

International marketing is essential for any firm selling its products to foreign countries. The understanding of factors related to international marketing is essential for successful relation of a firm with its clients and customers (Glowik, 2011). The main factors that a firm needs to master when involving itself with international marketing include management, culture differences, and communication. There of course other factors of international marketing. However, these three are the most important and their significance are so huge that in case they are not address a firm may stand to lose numerously.

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