Marketing Plan for Solar Laptops in Germany

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The marketing mix for the sales of solar laptops in Germany include the 4 P’s of marketing. The 4 P’s include place, product, promotion and price. (Carlson., 2014). Product entails what customers’ needs the product is supposed to meet. The product here is solar laptops. There is a need for these laptops specifically targeting the rural areas that don’t have sufficient electricity. This product can also be resourceful to those who have electricity but don’t want to be constantly close to a socket in order to function. It therefore provides them an alternative where they can be mobile as their laptops continue charging. It is therefore a very important product to have as it meets customer requirements of saving on energy and being able to function without necessarily feeling the need to look for power to charge the laptop. (McCarthy, 1964).

Place is also very relevant to this product. Place defines where the solar laptops can be purchased from. Such places should be close to residents of clienteles so that they can simply have access to the product and use it to meet their daily needs. (Carlson., 2014)There is also a need to provide an online platform and a delivery mechanism. The online platform will provide an easy source for the commodity where they can easily be purchased online using credit cards and then the company focuses on delivering these products to specific customers who have purchased it. All supermarkets and electronic shops should be utilized as a place where the product can be got from. It would also be necessary for repair shops to be made available in case there is need to do repairs when the machine goes faulty.

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The price of the solar laptops plays a huge role in the marketing mix. Solar laptops is a novice idea and would be very beneficial to its users. But basis is put on customers. What value do they give to the product? (Carlson., 2014). Solar laptops are not a necessity for the German people and they might not see it as a very mandatory product to have. Therefore these customers are more sensitive to price changes where if the price is increased then more people may decide not to purchase them rather invest in other types of laptops. A more beneficial approach that the company would take is to offer discounts especially for those who purchase in bulk. This would encourage people to want to purchase in bulk and would attract institutions like schools, business organizations and even manufacturing industries to purchase these commodities. A look at competitor’s prices is also necessary and “care ought to be taken to ensure” the costs are “neither too high nor too low” so as to ensure sufficient profitability is attained.

The fourth P which is promotion plays a huge role in ensuring that solar laptops indeed sell in the German market. This involves getting marketing messages to the target market. Decisions on how to do it, where to it and when to it are very important here. Promotion is more of raising awareness about the solar laptops. (McCarthy, 1964)Advertising on print media is one way of doing it. This can range from designing good advertisements which can be printed in daily newspapers or even monthly publications. When readers read about the product and how better it can enhance their lives then they develop an interest in it and might purchase it. The other avenue would be TV ads.

This can be lively motion pictures that enhance the quality and essence of the product. These advertisements can be slotted in during prime times so as to maximize the effect it has on the public since many can view it and gain knowledge about it. Social media can similarly play a key part in creating awareness about the product. Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and even You Tube channels can be established so as to engage the customers more in discussions on the product and to encourage more people to purchase it. Mobile apps about the product can also be made so that more people can engage more in product modification. Road shows and even social responsibility can also contribute to marketing the product in the whole of Germany.

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