Local Media Advertising

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Local media advertising is more important than ever in today’s digital age, especially with the push towards globalism and globalistic expansion; as it has been said “the best global brands are also the best local brands” (Jocz & Quelch, 2012). Studies have shown that local content engages viewers to a higher degree than national or global news, with local news more “DVR-proof” meaning that even of those viewers who record their content, the local news is less likely to be skipped over or fast forwarded through, making it a more effective place to advertise (Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc., p. 8). The reason for this is that even if a brand is global, customers are more likely to use such a brand if it has a local presence as well; they feel as though they are getting items on the cutting edge, but that those items are personalized and tailored to their local lifestyles (Jocz & Quelch, 2012). One example of such targeted local advertising is McDonalds, a brand that is successful on the global level because it is successful on the local level, with targeted commercials that work to identify with the local population in which the commercials are shown (Jocz & Quelch, 2012).

As opposed to the broad generalizations of national advertising, local media advertising works to bring home the message that the business cares about the community that it is in, working to cater to the needs of those within the targeted community as opposed to focusing on the money that could be saved in creating just one national advertisement. What many customers fail to realize is that local advertising works to bring in more customers to the establishment and in so doing works to create the driving force behind the national brand, allowing it to remain as successful as it currently is. It is this reason that the principle selection for many franchisors is to have their franchisees create targeted local advertisements, foregoing many of the larger, more generic advertising options available in order to work to continue to expand the business overall.

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