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The advertising campaign that will be analyzed in detail by this paper is the IPhone 6 Plus photography campaign currently being conducted by Apple Incorporated. Recently, Apple Incorporated released a more modern and versatile version of its IPhone 6 design known as the IPhone 6s. Despite having an almost similar appearance and design to that of its predecessor, the IPhone 6, it comes with a number of hidden features, which ultimately warrant an effective and efficient advertising campaign (Shahrodi, 2012). An advertising campaign in this case, will be able to market these hidden features that not many people are aware of and it has also been considered that the majority of Apple users are more focused on what their appliance looks like rather than its many features and capabilities overall.

The target market for this advertising campaign from Apple Incorporated is youth and younger audiences, who are innovative in nature and understand the efficiency and effectiveness of its technology. Furthermore, the target market is reflective of the level of technology that Apple is providing and as such, photography and the innovative photographic features of the IPhone 6s are highly marketable to a younger audience overall (Hardwick, 2016).

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This advertising campaign further corresponds with the AIDA Model in that it is highly effective and marketable in a number of different ways. With regards to attention, it looks at how people can be better influenced and also manipulated by the better photographic features offered by the IPhone 6s. For example, the resolution of the new phone is astounding and can allow new photographers and those that are skilled, to take action shots and make moments that could never be possible before (Rawal, 2013). Additionally, the motion feature of the phone becomes the core focus of the campaign as Apple attempts to showcase a particular technology that other IPhones or phones in general have never used. The advertising campaign, which features primarily on the Apple website, describes the motion feature as being similar to a video application but in between both video and photo capabilities. When customers are provided with a detailed description, they are further alluded towards the ability of the phone to take a quick moving shot of some feature, person or body overall. Attention is achieved in this case amongst customers, potential customers and also clients of Apple via the eccentricity and unique nature of the described feature and how the phone provides a new capability and one that can be used throughout a number of different situations altogether (Rawal, 2013).

The advertising campaign by Apple Incorporated also establishes a strong sense of interest amongst the customer and this is achieved via its focus on innovation and a product that is more alluring to the eye. The use of soft ingenuity based on its slick design and the vast range of colors that can suit the needs of the customer more so than preferences of the particular company make the product and the campaign very interesting (Hardwick, 2016). For example, the rotating display of the phone used in numerous advertisements across multiple media by Apple generates appeal amongst potential customers whilst a closer shot of the motion feature of the phone also appeals to audiences who are slightly more technologically savvy altogether. Therefore, the interest factor of the advertising campaign is generated across a diverse audience including those people who simply love the look, appearance and design of the phone as well as those people who understand more about its capabilities and may be interested in such features as its motion display and higher resolution camera and media suite (Shahrodi, 2012).

Desire is established amongst a potential Apple audience and through the advertisement by comparing it to previous models of its famous IPhone and showing how it is highly desirable for someone to purchase the latest model. In the 21st century, people are more interested in acquiring a phone that is the latest model and has features that are better than others and the devices that are other people are using. The use of color, design and unique camera shots of the new IPhone certainly establish a strong sense of desirability and as a consequence, more people are willing to purchase the new product despite the fact that it looks very similar to the previous model. Apple also relies heavily on originality and this is also at the center of the particular advertising campaign (Shahrodi, 2012). All of Apple’s products are related back to its first few products in the 1970’s and 1980’s how it has remained loyal to its customers and predecessors and continued to enhance its original designs. This in itself develops a high level of desirability amongst traditional and more conventional customers as well as those who are younger and more technologically savvy in general.

The final component of the AIDA model, Action, looks at how Apple customers are willing to purchase the product advertised throughout this specified campaign as it is the latest and most up to date IPhone and there is not another product out there that is faster and can provide a higher quality of photography and photographic applications such as the motion feature to better capture particular moments (Hardwick, 2016).

Two improvements that could be made to this advertising campaign include the incorporation of other features of IPhones and not simply the photographic design of the new phone (Rawal, 2013). This will attract a broader customer based overall. The second recommended improvement is the use of human interaction and providing potential customers with a screenshot of someone actually using the phone rather than it sitting without any interaction at all. This will allow the product to better relate to its audience and inspire confidence and further appeal in the product particularly amongst an older audience.

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