Mentoring and Professional Goals

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My mentor is my best friend. I have always looked upon him for various reasons since we were kids until now as he is a practicing doctor. Although he is three years older than me, we grew up together and even attended same schools. I have been able to achieve my professional goals due to my friend’s guidance, support, and mentorship. I look up to him for various reasons, especially since we have both had similar career paths of being the best doctors and saving lives.

I consider myself as one of the lucky few to have a best friend for a mentor. I chose him as a mentor for various reasons. First, we have been friends for a very long time. He knows my weaknesses strengths, and we understand each other. The friendship paradigm is fundamental in nourishing a long term mentor relationship (Education, 2014). This evolution in our case has created a rapport that enriches our lives, which is the ultimate objective of a mentor and mentee combination. Additionally, being the same peer has enabled us to build mutual trust. There are far-reaching benefits to having a peer mentor to confide in since they understand your intricacies and are supportive partners (Education, 2014).

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My mentor possesses several qualities of an effective mentor. First, he is trustworthy. A good mentor is someone you can share your experiences and can bring you back to the tangible (Ghosh and Reio, 2013). My mentor has the ability to advise me on situations and how to overcome obstacles. Additionally, he is honest. Peer mentors do not evaluate one’s performance. They instead coach them as a fellow team member (Education, 2014). My mentor gives me truthful and candid feedback that relates to my goals. His honest advice is embedded in his good knowledge of me. Importantly, he is a high performer. It is paramount to identify admirable qualities in a peer mentor and emulate them while maintaining your authenticity at the same time (Ghosh and Reio, 2013). My mentor is absolutely fearless, extraordinarily poised and flawlessly executes.

Although it is always said that no one is absolutely perfect, I am yet to identify a single quality that detracts my mentor from his ability to mentor me effectively.

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