Newton Ethics

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Professionals’ code of ethics and behavior within an organization always contrasts with hypothetical social approaches. The components of ethics are honesty, integrity, equity, and fairness, and the behavior guidelines revolve on verbal communication, also build the foundation in which a society can say one is right or wrong. Practical examples can be drawn from the mayor’s case, the case of the college instructor, as well as, Todd and Edna’s marriage.

The mayor’s case can raise questions about integrity. Accepting gifts from clients and future clients is nothing but an act of bribery; hence, corruption. The fact that he received the presents, exposes him to pressure from such clients and he then has to act “justly” only to these particular clients and offer them favors that jeopardize fair service delivery to other members of the society. The mayor’s job and responsibilities require him to act without bias and ensure equality in his work, but this is not the case.

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The second case involving the instructor presents an instance of lack of honesty in people. He uses plagiarized research work as his own. He gains from, not doing his assignments and relying on his students that put the students at a disadvantage since they are not taught their course work. His act is an academic offense for his doctorate and is not acceptable.

The third case of Tedd heavy drinking and Edna not being able to keep a job raises a question on their behavior. According to marriage practices, they are not in a position to even raise the child. They hold onto the existence of the child to sustain their relationship and make it strong which is not a case for a happy marriage that requires understanding, commitment, respect for each other and good communication. Their actions are not right for a healthy relationship, and it will end up killing their marriage.

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