Outline: Childhood Obesity

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Topic: Childhood Obesity

General Purpose: Examine the issue as a national epidemic.

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Specific Purpose: Analyze realities, causes, risks, and prevention strategies of the issue.

Thesis Statement: Childhood obesity is a major concern, and it is the responsibility of all to understand its causes and work toward preventing, and reducing, how this condition so dramatically harms children in a variety of ways.

I. Introduction:
a) Attention getter: contrast between fitness emphasis and childhood obesity in society.
b) Topic justification: Evidence of obesity epidemic in children.
c) Credibility statement: Statistic citing numbers of obese children.
d) Preview: Describing content to be explored.
e) Thesis.

II. Body:
1. Main point one: a) causes are interrelated; discussing sedentary habits and children as focused on media as promoting obesity; supported by reference.
b) Citing how few obese children are genetically predisposed to the condition.
c) Transition indicating discussion of risks.
2. Main point two: a) Health risks from obesity, supported by statistics.
b) Social stigma and psychological issues for children; reference support.
c) Transition based on emphasis on need to alter behaviors.
3. Main point three: a) Prevention strategies, emphasis on family and parental influences, support from reference.
b) Potential impact of school diets and exercise programs; reference used.

a) Summary of issues discussed.
b) Emphasizing options for change.
c) Restatement of thesis.

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