Personal Barriers to Critical Thinking

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In many cases, experiences will shape the way someone sees themselves and the world around them. This has direct effect on their thoughts and ability to overcome personal challenges. In these situations we are all using different observations and interactions to enhance our understanding of the key events. Those who are critical thinkers, can step away from the situation and calmly determine the best course of action. This helps them to have greater amounts of flexibility in determining the best outcomes.

In my case, I face a number of unique challenges which impact my ability to become a critical thinker. To fully understand these challenges requires identifying key barriers, analyzing their root causes, how they conflict with my ability to think critically and the way these can be removed. Together, these different elements will identify critical weaknesses and determining the best avenues for addressing them over the long term. This is when I will be able to grow as a person and more objectively analyze events that are unfolding in my life.

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The biggest barriers I face are taking a laid back approach and not communicating effectively. In the case of taking a laid back approach, I am concerned about indirectly identifying key issues. This is based upon making my point to the other party and then listening to their points of view. At the same time, there is an emphasis on using subtle tactics to positively influence the outcomes. When this happens, they may not fully understand that I am trying to encourage them to change their behavior. This is the point, the person will not understand how to the most important ideas and will tell what they think I want to hear. These issues will lead to confusion about how these issues developed and the true motivations of the person.

The lack of communication is compounding the problem. This is because, I am not able to express myself to other effectively. Once this happens, is the point the other person will not understand what is most important to me or my points of view. In the past, this has created confusion and it has made it difficult to connect with others.

The possible barriers are related to experiences I had as a child. Early on I learned that it is always best for someone to hold their feelings and emotions. This allowed them to understand what is happening and to speak with a sense of conviction by thinking about what occurred. The problem is that I will evaluate the situation. Yet, I will not speak up about key challenges or the best ways to deal with them. This is from having older adults, friends and siblings speak for me. Over the course of time, this and convenience made me more laid back. These factors had a direct impact on my ability to communicate effectively.

These barriers are conflicting with my critical thinking by illustrating a sense of hesitation. This is troubling, as I am not able to talk about what is most important to people or approach someone on my own. Over the course of time, this creates a situation where I have lower levels of self confidence and I am afraid of the negative implications on me.
This is why I am always alone and do not have lots of friends. If I can learn to face these issues, I will slowly change my experiences about these events. Once this happens, is the point I can transform how I communicate and the approach I use to connect with others.

To address these challenges, I must have no fear when communicating with someone. This is accomplished by concentrating on how the conversation will be approached through studying the situation and determining the best approach. Once this occurs, is when active listening will be involved to understand the importance of the different views to each side.

Before any conversation takes place, there will be careful planning and the potential impact on the other party. After this happens, is the point a careful analysis will occur. This involves thinking about what was most important to them, the comments they made and reading between the lines.

At the same time, there is an emphasis on what was said and if something inappropriate was discussed. It is at this point, when specific insights can be provided which are illustrating the effects of communication and how to improve upon them. This enhances my ability to work with the other party and understand their position by conducting careful analysis.

This is showing how I want to create win – win situations for everyone. While looking at what is happening from various perspectives, in order to comprehend their position and what is most important to them. When this occurs, there is a focus on understanding these changes and the lasting effects on the various sides through effective communication. In the future, this can help me reach out to them and know how to address these issues through utilizing different tools efficiently. This is the point, I can be more effective in communicating and interacting with others. Once this happens, is when I will have strong personal and professional relationships because of dealing with these challenges and learning to grow as a person.

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