Time Management for Students

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Time management should not be referred to as a skill an individual is often taught as he/she grows up. It follows from this that coming up with a well-balanced approach to our studies is what may endow students with an opportunity to expand the insight into the things that really efficient people are equipped with on daily basis. As students, we should manage our time to be successful in our life. Time is the most important step for people, especially students. This essay makes stress upon illuminating the most optimal ways for students to organize their time, which in turn would give the chance to raise their college GPA. In addition, the essay aims the shed the light on the impact that surfing through social media may potentially have on student’s academic performance. It is not an exaggeration to say that students should set a daily schedule in order to manage their time, placing an emphasis on the need to develop both sleeping schedule and working schedule. More importantly, however, it is imperative to seize the opportunity to be engaged in a wide variety of student clubs.

First, our target as university students consists in building organizational skills throughout our study and getting a good GPA, respectively. It can be said with certainty that students should put maximum effort into elaborating on a daily schedule for studying, so that they can improve their grades. The focus here lies in arguing that the aforementioned approach will indisputably help them in their life to be more organized. Apart from the above-said, one has to be conscious that the key part to being a well-organized student is “learning how to manage our limited time” (Gonchar 2013); we need to employ a plan to write our schedule that would rest largely upon such constituents as doing homework, getting involved in various activities, and using notes. Hence, one of the best ways to start building time management that has “always been prioritized” (Schonbrun, 2013, p. B14) is doing your homework early, so we can be relaxed all day. As Nichols report (2004), students need to get their homework done early and go out later instead of hanging out with friends after school. Obviously, one can assume that an individual will be more relaxed once his/her homework is done ahead of time.

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Second, spending a lot of time on social media should not be underestimated from the perspective of the way it affects student’s academic performance. In this generation, young people such as students spend most of their time on technology devices such as phones, laptop, and PlayStation. Of course, digital technologies in general and social media platforms in particular have revolutionized the way the 21st century society is organized indeed. Specifically speaking, the Internet has penetrated virtually every aspect of human activity and has made daily life easier. In any way, social media platforms cannot be viewed as having transformed the ongoing reality entirely for the better. In other words, it becomes apparent that being too dependent on social media comes with substantial risks. According to Karadkar (2015), the public cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that nearly 72 percent of high school and 78 percent of college students spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. To be precise, our tendency to spend hours staring at screens has created prerequisites for the decay of face-to-face communication. In addition, however, social overload contributes negatively to student’s academic performance. Based on this information, we can realize that students demonstrate a strong desire to use social media networks on a regular basis; the problem is that spending stretches of time online influences students in a way that their motivation levels are getting lower; they become reluctant to obtain practical knowledge from the world largely due to their reliance on virtual environment. According to what was mentioned above, no one can fail to note that students need to eventually start to control their habits, thereby learning how to use Internet properly.

Thirdly, the final tip for students to manage their time and be organized is setting a schedule for daily routine. As we know, there are some students who are working after the college as part time. After a through consideration, it cannot be overstressed that students, particularly those who work part-time should set a plan for their daily activities due to the fact that it is hard for them to focus and review their studies. College students always go to the parties and spend most of their time with their friends. Consequently, it will be easy for them if they challenge themselves, for example, trying to finish all their homework before going out with friends. It is good way to list things or write notes and get them done. Sleeping schedule is one of the most important things we should do, since it can help students sharpen their focus on the studies and get better GPA.

College students should build time management to be successful in the college and their future. In addition, students should control their time of using networks and try to set a time for using the technology devices, for example spending one or two hours a day on social media. The last but not the least, listing activities along with setting efficient routines can make it much easier for students to learn and succeed in goal pursuit. So, based on this information, it is only after students begin to manage time that their chances of getting better grades can be considerable.

Of course, writing this paper was not an easy task for me, since I was seeking to convey an important message and at the same time make the work sound both considered and well-thought. Despite the fact it was a truly challenging task, I think I managed to reach a tangible progress in my sense of time management, which “is more important than money” (Kenneth, 2011, p. 2). In regard to the quality of my work, it is important to pinpoint that the number-one goal was to write a clearly articulated paper free of plagiarism and grammar errors. In addition, I was intended to find relevant content that could reflect my personal views with regard to why time management is extremely important. As for the paper’s strengths, I would place an emphasis on the one that pertains to the novelty of the thesis. In brief, I made it clear that time management should be approached in a holistic manner. Reflecting on my own experience and learning during the research and writing process, I can firmly say that I made a substantial progress in my awareness of how to maximize time management strategies. And, plus, I learned how to improve my style in academic writing, thereby making it more professional.

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