Personal Example of Leadership Essay

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The events of 22 Jan 2014 are permanently embedded in my mind. The same date is still very special to me as that is my parent’s wedding anniversary. It is a special day for the family, and my father has always been known to come up with ingenious ways of making my mother particularly too happy. On this day, my mother came back to a surprise of well-prepared Chinese food and some aged wine. As if that was not enough, they had to go out for a movie and dancing.

This meant that I had to babysit again. I do love my younger brother and sister, but they tend to be very naughty and annoying when their parents are not around. My brother, John, is only 6 years old while my sister, Lisa, is only three years old. John is a bully and likes having his way on things while Lisa can be a cry baby when she chooses to. Good thing mother left Lisa asleep while John was too busy playing with his toys. My consolation was I would watch my favorite program as soon as my parents left.

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This was not the case though. No sooner did my parents leave than John wanted to watch cartoons. He came to my seat and grabbed the remote from me. He flipped across all channels until he settled on his favorite one, boomerang. All this time my mouth was wide agape with shock written all over it. How can John disrespect me this much? I grabbed the remote and immediately changed the channel. John wasn’t happy with this, and we tussled over the remote. I was so angry that I struck him. He let off a loud mourn that, unfortunately, woke Lisa up. As things were, I didn’t watch my program since I had to console Lisa and sing lullabies for her to sleep. John was more than happy to stay behind and watch cartoons all night long.

A conflict of interest arose in this situation. My brother wanted to watch cartoons while I wanted to watch my favorite program. The two of us are the players in this conflict. The source of this conflict was the television set. My role in this conflict was to talk and convince my brother to either let me watch my program for a while, and then he watches his later or vice versa but instead I got into a tussle with him which made me babysit Lisa for the whole night. If I had been a little bit patient and resist the urge to strike him then, this night would have been different. I learnt that, as a leader, I ought to practice restraint and employ more dialogue in solving conflicts.

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