Scenario Planning in Politics and Your Career

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Schwartz’s point of “Too many people react to uncertainty with denial. They create blind spots for themselves” can be applied to politics. Many historical events have been precipitated by politicians living in denial. For instance, Ronald Reagan giving out subprime loans in the 1980s to homeowners who would probably not be able to pay them back and denying the HIV/AIDS crisis created several blind spots for our country. Potential disaster awaited. Subprime loans slowly unbalanced the government’s budget over the years, the government budget unbalanced until President Bill Clinton balanced the budget. AIDS ended up killing 8 million people before Reagan finally stepped in.

This point can be applied to my own political career by me tackling uncertainty as it comes and not letting problems build up. If I see that a potential financial problem is looming, i.e. not enough money to finance busing for students or not enough salt for icy roads, I will devise strategies and plan immediately, enlisting the help of other politicians, institutions and community members. Tackling challenges head will help me gain community trust and encourage citizens to help tackle these problems.

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“Knowledge is the only kind of wealth that multiplies when you give it out” is applicability to politics. Knowledge has remedied some disasters and improved people’s health. We know that dumping chemicals in lakes can destroy animal life, toxins also damaging the health of human beings. Politicians have played a major part in creating legislation to protect the environment. Relaying knowledge to society pertaining to protecting the environment has been important, encouraging consumers to clean up lakes, forests, and beaches. Cyberbullying has resulted in teenage suicide. Once this knowledge of how teenagers were being harassed through social media sites was disseminated, politicians enacted helpful legislation. President Obama established the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. law, which punishes bullying perpetrators and makes it mandatory for education administrators to report incidents of bullying.

In my own political care, knowledge will multiply when given out. Knowledge of what is wrong, such as cyberbullying, abusing the environment, and discrimination, all major interests of mine, can only be remedied when society becomes aware of problems that negatively affect their families. This knowledge is what encourages online petitions that create positive legislation that safeguards people’s civil rights. As a politician, I intend to be a part of this process of dispersing important knowledge.

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