Scott Naturals – Marketing Recommendations

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Recommendation 1 – Product Positioning (Product Variation, Product Differentiation, Product Innovation)
The millennial mother generation is web and gadget savvy to the extent of perhaps using Apple based products and surfing the internet for reasons limited to paying bills and checking on television shows and perhaps email. Advertising via traditional media to evoke consumerism within this target demographic is entirely based on establishing product positioning to convey the superior quality of the product at the price point. Branding to product positioning allows the marketing to be specific to the target demographic given that demographic interpretation of brand loyalty and allegiance to market share.

Recommendation Two – Print Media & E-Media (Place, E-Commerce, Distribution Channel)
The generation of millennial moms typically watches talk shows and news programs and perhaps an evening lineup of network television. The cost of advertisements in this space can be pricey to the point of expected cost exceeding expected revenues, which limits advertising to print media & E-Media. Print and E-Media are much less expensive in advertising expense costing coincidentally with mobile based E-Media being the least costly. By advertising with coupons using circulars such as Pennysaver and with wholesalers will pass the advertising costs as savings to the consumer & facilitate brand loyalty via the marketing avenue.

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Recommendation Three – Social Corporate Responsibility (Promotion, Individual Communication, Corporate Identity) Advertise in ‘green’ spaces (environmental websites), link environmental responsibility with the brand/product. Send samples to retiree communities.

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