Stressed Out! The Normal State of College Students Today

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Today’s young adults, college aged students between the ages of 18 and 24, have a lot to be stressed out about. In the media, young adults are portrayed as having it easy, shopping all day, partying all night, driving around in fancy cars and still managing to maintain straight A’s in college. Yet the reality is far from this. For most college students, surviving day to day can be a challenge. Many college students must pay their own way during school, having little to no help from family. Even those that do have family help must maintain a tight budget. In addition to financial pressures, today’s college students must also deal with a host of social issues. Social media has had a drastic effect on the social lives of college students, in both positive and negative ways. Media pressures college students to embrace certain lifestyles which may not be conducive to actually doing well in school. College students today struggle to balance their social lives with their scholastic success, all while maintaining a job and paying their bills, resulting in a vast majority of overly stressed out college students.

Dealing with the pressures of society and school can lead to anxiety and depression. Many college students don’t know how to deal with their problems, and seek help from their doctors. There is an exponential rise in college students taking drugs such as zanex, valium and Adderall in order to maintain their grades and their sanity. While these drugs have beneficial short-term effects, they can have long lasting damaging effects as well. While there are many college students who take their prescriptions as prescribed, many more abuse them. The common college tradition of drinking beer with friends after a big test or a long day of classes can become dangerous when mixed with prescription drugs. However, for students who are overly stressed out over grades, social issues and work often seek temporary escape in the form of drugs. Drug abuse can lead college students to dangerous situations, dropping out of school, and even death in extreme cases.

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Social pressures often vie with grades for college students. Many college students simply wish to fit in with their peers and be accepted. While many students can balance social life with scholastic success, many students find themselves partying all night and neglecting their studies. Doing poorly in school can impact them in many ways. Poor grades can disqualify students from receiving financial aid, which many depend on to go to school in the first place. Angry parents may stop contributing financially to children who consistently get poor grades. In the end, students who drop out of college or don’t do well end up spending a great deal of money on an education only to find that they can’t find a job in the end. It is often the case that college graduates have little preparation for the ‘real world’ post-graduation. This can lead to a great deal of stress post-college for those students who suddenly find themselves forced out into the real world with a large student loan debt that needs to be paid back.

Many students are unprepared for the pressures of college life. High school does little to prepare college freshmen for the initial freedom they experience in college. Unfortunately, many find themselves struggling to maintain their self-discipline and are unable to balance their social lives with their scholastic career. However, for those that are able to balance school, work and a social life, the rewards are rich. Learning to navigate through college can teach you a lot about life and how to handle yourself in stressful situations. Life is not easy, and stress and struggle are always going to be a part of it. Learning self-disciple is an essential part of a successful life. For the successful college students, mastering the art of balancing the various parts of their life and becoming successful at them all is the ultimate goal. For those that achieve it, the rewards are a life full of fun and friendship alongside a fruitful and successful career.

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