Leadership And Collaboration

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Strategic application of leadership in management of activities is one of the critical constructs of collaboration in an organization. My experiences have exposed to numerous involvements that have assisted me to nurture my leadership skills. These experiences have given the platform on which I have applied my leadership expertise to handle situations through influencing others. Planning and decision-making are some of the typical applications that portray my leadership capabilities.

In one of my encounters, I helped organize and plan the theme of a large-scale party in aid of MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Hellas). I was involved in brainstorming of ideas about fund raising, target goals, setting, location and music. I was also involved in the pricing of this event that took place on 21st June 2014 in Tatoi Club, Athens Greece where I live. The experience was very interested for me as I enhanced collaborative activity with different types of people to ensure the event was successful. Some of the activities that portrayed difficulties is the acquisition of balance between the expectations of the team players and the ultimate goals of the charity initiative. I learned that valuable communication and negotiation skills to enhance the success of a cooperative activity. I also learned much more about MDA Hellas and the multiple charity activities they do for children with Multiple Sclerosis and their parents.

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In another instance, I was again involved in all aspects of marketing and design of individual logs and invites for the long-term project for a party, offering my opinion and design aesthetic to a group of adults and some of my peers. It made me more professional and aware of small details involved in party planning and event management. It was more worthwhile as it was intended for a greater cause, which I have come to believe in. Through these activities, I have also met children who have benefited from MDA Hellas, which has changed my attitude and increased the level of my generosity.

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