Suffolk University Transfer Essay

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I have always been a great student which is evident by the fact that I graduated from American high school in my native Congo at the age of 16 only. I moved to the US to start my college career at Bentley University in Boston and even though I did well, I felt it was too soon to start my college career. As a result, I took break from college life and gained real world experience by working for my family business for a year. My time at family business was a blessing in disguise because it helped me realize the importance of advertising and other marketing tactics to reach customers and convert them into loyal clients.

As I resume my academic career, I wanted to make sure I choose the college that doesn’t only has a world-class program in advertising but also provides its students with access to internship opportunities with some of the leading organizations in different sectors such as media, advertising, and business. My research on Suffolk University’s advertising program also revealed that the university adopts a global approach towards teaching its students and regularly updates its curriculum to reflect the emerging trends which explains the huge emphasis on digital marketing in the advertising major. Suffolk’s strong professional network is not surprising, given the university’s strategic position in a major city like Boston.

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In addition to technical skills, employers now also place huge emphasis on soft skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. I have been fortunate to talk to some of the former students of Suffolk University and almost everyone credited the University for helping them develop their soft skills which have been quite useful towards accessing advanced career opportunities. I do hope to take reins of my family business but before that my priority is to gain experience at a number of multinational organizations and hopefully in a great number of countries, in order to develop truly global perspective. I have no doubt choosing Suffolk University will prove to be one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

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