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It happens quite often that citizens who live in a senior citizen complexes encounter the issues related to the nervous system. In fact, one shall be aware that these emerging issues are often linked to the age groups individuals represent, and therefore disease outcomes might have different effects regarding the particular flow of the disease for different types of patients. Thus, while designing a teaching plan, one shall be aware of these factors and include them with the specific descriptions of diseases.

First of all, the teaching plan shall mention the point that most of the problems senior citizens encounter is related to the brain deformation that consequently influences the nerve system. In other words, the origins of the causing effects are associated with the aging of the body organs. Then, the teaching plan should transit with the focus of the disease development in regards to the living settings of the chosen target group. Thus, individuals living in the senior complexes would most likely face such neurological disorders as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and epilepsy. One of the most common features that unite the above-mentioned conditions is that it all of these diseases have some of the most crucial effects on brain and memory functioning. What’s more, people who live in the senior houses might have difficulty with recognizing each others.

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Having mentioned the effects of the health conditions related to nervous system disorder, one could construct the lesson in the following way. First, the reasons for aging diseases should be identified. Then, one shall move to the description of these diseases with the analysis of causes and effects. Finally, the conclusion of the teaching plan shall include the differences and the similarities between the flow of diseases on the target group of individuals living in the senior complexes.

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