The Attractions of Juba City in South Sudan

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Juba City is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of South Sudan. The overwhelming city is situated on the White Nile and it is the home of over 370.000 people. It is a river port and serves as the agricultural commercial center in the area. Juba has perfect weather all over the year, due to its tropical climate. Visitors and locals alike are fascinated by the beautiful public celebrations, of which many highlight traditional or religious aspects of the Sudanese culture, The celebration which marks the country’s independence, which is celebrated every year at the beginning of January strengthens the patriotic feelings of the locals, but is also a great touristic attraction. European Film Festival is a glamorous opportunity to discover the contemporary Sudan, whereas the cultural particularities of the nation are experienced during the celebrations held in important religious occasions, such as Eid or Ramadan. Finally, the country also celebrates Christian feasts. In Juba, these feasts have a particularly spiritual dimension.

The first point of interest in this country is the Juba Nile River Bridge, which offers a fantastic view, apart from representing a strategic point of communication between two separate parts of Sudan. The Mausoleum raised in the memory of Dr. John Garang of Mabior is also visited by a great number of tourists because of his historical and cultural importance. Finally, A significant building in South Sudan is the Cathedral of All Saints, which emphasizes the importance of religion in this outstanding, tropical country.

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Juba offers various accommodation options; most hotels from this staggering city are of mid-range, but there are also two camps for the budget travelers. Many accommodation options here offer services such as restaurant, AC and swimming pool. Some hotels also offer high quality services, and are located in beautiful areas of the city close to the Nile, which offer tourists panoramic views that would enrich any holiday.

No matter what one chooses to visit in Juba, it is obviously clear that this city named “Little Havana” distinguishes itself through the extraordinary warm climate , the existence of the well-known Nile river , the tropical surroundings and the beautiful religions and traditional festivals.

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