The Move Away from Windows 8: Exciting New Features

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Start is back! And other features.

Microsoft is adding a host of new features to their new OS. Here is a brief description of the most anticipated new gadgets. First of all Start is back! The traditional start button has returned with all of your favorite features. Instead of opening a new app screen, programs will be listed under the old start menu. The new Snap Assist will help with split screen operations and a new mode called Continuum will allow users on 2 in 1 devices to easily switch between laptop mode and tablet mode. For anyone interested in programming or direct commands for their computer updates have been made to command prompt as well. Command Prompt has extra features which will make programming easier and more efficient. To allow for compatibility across devices Windows 10 will have Universal Apps and notifications to make every windows device and program connected. There will even be a Windows 10 phone in the coming months! And finally, perhaps my favorite feature is the new voice prompt system. Cortana is coming to Windows 10! That”s right, for all of the fans of Halo video games and Apple”s Siri you are in luck. Cortana will provide voice command software to Microsoft products. Microsoft is designing Windows 10 to move away from Windows 8. All of these features will change the look and feel of Windows back to the classics while increasing the technology to match modern times. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore said at an event showing the new software: “We want Windows 7 users to feel like they upgraded from a [Toyota] Prius to a Tesla, but they don’t need to learn a new way to drive.” The new OS is going to be exciting and full of fun new ways to use a laptop.

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2. Security Information
Microsoft is also planning to release a modified version of their software for businesses. Because of this they will be able to easily incorporate new security measures. The first part of this new security system will be to separate personal files from corporate files. The goal of this is to eliminate fear of corporate hacking. By dividing individual and business files, persons wishing to do harm will have to infiltrate multiple databases instead of just one.

3. Transition and Release Date
a. Microsoft has designed this OS to move away from Windows 8. Since the current system has met with less than happy reviews, the company is focusing on remaking their image by going back to basics. Microsoft wants to encourage companies still using Windows 7 or XP to transition to the new 10. Especially since both 7 and XP are no longer supported by Microsoft. The new operating system will have a preview release date in February or March 2015. The full release will be later in the year, around September

Objective: The purpose of this speech is to explain the benefits and concerns about the upcoming release of Windows 10. After this presentation you will know the major new features and changes of the software. In addition you will be equipped with information on new security updates and Microsoft”s plan for release of the new operating system.

General Purpose: The audience will benefit from this presentation because it provides a basic breakdown of Windows 10. Listeners will be able to learn about fun new features and useful info about Windows 10.

Conclusion: The new OS announced by Microsoft is exciting. The return to the classic Windows look is highly anticipated. In addition features like Start Menu, Cortana, and Universal Apps will provide the system with a familiar feel while still moving the company into the future of computing. Increased security measures will be implemented to mediate corporate hacking and personal and business information will be kept separate. A preview version of the software will be available in a few months for you to explore. The full operating system of Windows 10 will be available in fall of 2015.

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