U.S Department of Veterans Affairs: Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in United States is an agency operated by the government military veteran benefit program. This department main agenda is administration of programs of veteran’s benefits, the survivors and their families. Some of the benefits included in this program include vocational rehabilitation, life insurance, survivor’s benefits, burial benefits, medical cover, education, and disability compensation. Through the department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, the mission for Veteran Affairs provide sufficient employment and independent living services (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, 2017). This mission is attained through provision of vocational counselling, assistance in job search on field relevant to individual military service qualifications, as well as conducting other training and education services for the veteran military.

The main objectives of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment programs is to conduct comprehensive assessment and determine individual skills, abilities, and interests. The department, through its employees would then conduct a thorough career counselling and rehabilitation planning. The personnel would provide assistance on job-seeking skills, job training, resume development and other relevant information. The department also assists the members on finding and retaining jobs. This includes maintenance of job accommodation and incentives. In addition to these programs are independent living and comprehensive rehabilitation for the veteran military who are severely disabled and unable to seek jobs. The eligibility for the veterans and service members include those that have attained a disability due service provision rated at least 10% as per the VA. It could also include those with 20% rated disability. The beneficiary should have discharged from the service for reasons other than dishonour. Beneficiaries also qualify for the employment program if they are severely sick or injured and are referred to DoD/VA Integrated Disability Evaluation System Process or Physical Evaluation Board.

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Functions of the Agency
1. Promoting employment opportunities for the military veterans
This function is under the main mission of the department that is focused towards providing employment opportunities to the disabled ex-military. The program comprises of providing the employment, training the servicemen, and maintaining favourable conditions at the working environment. Veteran Rehabilitations and Employment employs over 1000 military professional counsellors operating in about 400 locations in United States. The service delivery model of the department is providing these services to the military at their location. Notably, the department operates from 56 regional offices, 94 VetSucess on Campus, about 165 out-based offices, as well as 71 integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES). Therefore, it assists the veterans to achieve their employment objectives through job opportunities and placements (Cover, 2010).

2. The department enhances knowledge and skills for the Veterans
Based on the relevant interested field for the servicemen, this department puts them through job training and knowledge based program. This assists in development of relevant skills making the individual able to work in the job placements allocated. A team of professionals conducts this function, which include counsellors and experts in the job opportunities.

3. The department also assist the veterans to acquire, retain, and adapt to new environment
This function is more of a physiological requirement. In most cases, these disable servicemen carry along the traumatising events experienced in the field. The department focuses on that issue by providing guidance and counselling and assisting the veterans to adapt to the new environment where they are able to seek employment opportunities just like the other people.

4. The department also provides rehabilitation program.
The eligibility for recruitment for the rehabilitation program for the veteran injured and disable include 12 years from the date separation from the duties. It also begin rehabilitation from the last time the Veteran Affair notifies of the compensation program (Government Printing Office, 2014). Within this time the disable service men get all the relevant compensations including the medical, disability, and insurance, among other. They also receive counselling and employment opportunities.

Current Events
Veterans Transitioning from Active Duty to Civilian Life
According to the US department of VA, earlier this year, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that focused towards the improvement of mental health resources that would assist transitioning of veterans from active duty to civilians or normal life (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, 2018). This plan is being developed by the homeland security, Veteran Affairs as well as secretaries of defence and would involve the department of rehabilitation and employment for the implementation and resource allocation.

Revision of Reimbursement and Regulation for Emergency Treatment of the Veterans.
On January 10, 2018, the U.S Department of VA announced the program to have federal registry regulated and revised on payment of emergency treatment of the veterans (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, 2018). This would also be collaborated with the Veteran Rehabilitation and Employment to ensure that these veterans are well and timely compensated to seek efficient medical covers.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs: Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment is a credible department in Public Administration providing significant duties to the public that have been ignored in many countries. Care and administration of the servicemen and veterans is one of the core concepts of patriotism and representation of national strength. Therefore, this is an important department to learn on public administration.

Secondly, service to the public and provision of security to the country are important factors that should not be neglected, Therefore, US Department of Veterans Affairs: Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment plays a critical role in looking after the disabled military affected in line of duty. The department covers for their issues such as compensations, medical covers, insurance, and securing their jobs. These is a critical role for the solidarity of the people.

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