Wen Chuan Earthquake

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2008 is a special year for China, not only because China handled the Olympic Games, but also because the Wen Chuan earthquake happened. On May 12, the 8 Richter scale earthquake caused 69,227 deaths, 374,643 people were injured, and 17,923 people went missing. The energy of the earthquake equals 252 N-bombs. I cannot forget about this terrible nightmare and how the people carried each other like family.

Chaos is the only word to describe the Wen Chuan earthquake. People were scared, hopeless, and sad. Although the nature disaster ruined everything, the other states and people came to Wen Chuan to help us to get past this difficulty. For example, Saudi Arabia donated fifty million dollars, Japan donated four million eight hundred thousand dollars and one thousand dogs, and Russia sent three hundred thousand tons of goods and materials and three airplanes to help us; moreover, there were lots of enterprises donating money, like Tai Su which donated one hundred million yuan.

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During the disaster, I came to a volunteer and went to the disaster area to help them carry water and tents. Although I can’t enter the disaster area center, I want to try everything I could for those that family members, and I want to share their pain to help them feel better. My school even convened and organized teachers and students to donate money to Wen Chuan and let the Wen Chuan student come to our school to keep studying. I also donated my birthday gift money to a little girl. She lost her father, and her mother doesn’t have much income to support her going to school anymore. I didn’t expect any thanks, but in 2009 on my birthday I received a letter that said, “Dear brother, thank you for allowing me to keep studying, and I received an A on my final exam. Thanks for your help, you’re one of my family members now. ”

At that time, I was feeling touched but heartbroken. I cried because her handwriting showed how much pain she was in. She was suffering because she lost her father, but that’s the only thing I could do for her. I can’t be her father, and she has to face the future by herself. That’s why I was sad. I wish that there was much more that I could do for her.

After three months, on 2009 June when I was on summer vacation, I found the girl. She looks cute, but her eyes look different from her age. “How old are you?” I try to open with an easy topic and avoid her heartbreaking experience. “I’m 11 years old.” She said. When we were talking, I learned much about the girl and the rest of her family. She was very nice to me.

Bad experiences not only ruin objects and kill people, but also let people understand lots of things. Might be it can’t be avoided, so we have to face the truth, and brave the unknown. Although other people like me think about how sad the girl was. She could not fight against her fate of being in the earthquake, but she can now win her life back.

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