Accounting Careers

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Accounting experts are responsible for the preparation and updating financial records. The accounting professionals have the proficiency in the protocols associated with the manipulation, computation and communication of financial information (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). Accounting professional undertake education at various levels and completion, certification is essential and competence assessments. The accounting experts are involved in professional practice in different capacities that include accountants and auditors. These experts move from one level of professionals practice to another depending on the professional experience and the educational qualifications (AICPA, 2015). The experts also require continuous educational and professional development in order to be updated on the developments and progressions in the financial industry and the of information systems.

Accountants are involved in the preparation and examination of financial records. The accountants ensure that the financial records of an organization are properly kept and in good time to aid the logistical operation of an organization. The accountants undertake various financial studies for an organization in order to ascertain the financial feasibility of certain endeavors and they play a big role in ensuring that the good financial decisions are made (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). On the other hand, auditors are also important accounting executives in organizations. The auditors can practice in governmental corporations of private agencies. The auditors can also operate as private experts. The auditors ensure that the taxes are paid accurately and properly within the required timeline.

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Organizational auditors and accountants hold very sensitive positions in the organizations. This is because they ensure that the financial records meet the required standards and are consistent with professional principles. Therefore, the accuracy is an important skill for these professionals (AICPA, 2015). Honesty is a very important for these professionals because it can assist the experts uphold the integrity required for operation. Accounting information is very sensitive, and the experts must have the professional moral and ethical standards to ensure they handle the records in the most appropriate manner.

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