Association Memo in Advertising Job

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An association memo is essential in understanding the various dynamics of a company and its business functions. Different industries use memos to relay messages form one channel of communication to another. As a student in advertising, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of a particular company and its approach on advertising. For example, companies advertise products and services depending on their brand and market niche. As such, the public should be aware of the product through defining the company product, the advertising methods, and the channels of communication. The memo will provide extensive research on the issue at hand through the analysis of elements in the industry. This will later be complimented by an interview of a person in advertising so as to get a personal account of an employee in the field (Roetzer 29).

Organizations that deal in advertising offer services to companies during product launching, product promotion, and brand creation. Advertising involves creating awareness of products or services of a particular company’s product line. Association memos enhance the information and message intended for the public. A look at a well established company in the advertising industry educates involved parties on the various functions a company and its contribution to the sector. Some of the services offered by advertising companies are promotion, marketing, media coverage, and publicity (Osterman 90).

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An association memo is vital in establishing a platform for discussing important issues in an organization. Advertising students should incorporate the use of such memos in order to showcase the dynamics in selected industries. One of the advantages of using an association memo is that it accommodates different approaches such as the performance of surveys, interviews, and research (Osterman 120).

As an advertising agent what product do you concentrate?
The interview reviewed the various products that the agent focused on. Some products perform better than others in depending on their sales in the market and the competitive nature of the industry. One of the industries that the company places emphasis on is the IT industry. This is because most of their products and services have a short life span of a period of 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the advertising company takes part in promoting, launching and advertising products which are have a strong market niche (Roetzer 22).

What is your job description?
The advertising agents job description involves performing research and implementing newly acquired policies in the company. The industry is highly competitive because of the number of advertising firms in the market. In turn, the company has to ensure that its services are of the best quality. One of the ways of doing this is by applying new information and advertising concepts in new projects. This involves forming an advertising team which oversees the business functions and practices of the firm.

What are the emerging trends and preferences in the market?
As stated earlier, the industry is highly competitive due to the growth of the advertising market environment. The trends and preferences are determined by the changes in the global and social factors in the market. Right now, accompanies need advertisements that strengthen their brand through personalizing the message of the advertisement. This concentrates on creating messages, logos, and brands that appeal to the modern market. The messages should communicate the reliability, efficiency, and quality of the company. In turn, approach attracts customers who purchase products based on these needs elements (Roetzer 17).

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