Muscletech Advertisement Analysis: I Want Respect

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For this essay the purpose is to take a full page print or online advertisement, give it a proper analysis and argue for or against the validity behind what it is trying to sell. The image that was selected by this author is an online advertisement by a company named Muscletech. The advertisements intended purpose is to sell a supplement product that promotes strength and muscle mass. This is a highly competitive field, and so the company has elected to present its product in a very confident and masculine manner. More on that in a bit, but the thesis behind this analysis is that the advertisement is essentially misleading, and that will be explained fully in a separate paragraph later in the essay.

The layout of this advertisement is set with a gym fading into the background. What is visible is workout equipment with very large weights attached. Only a hardcore weight lifter would even consider lifting what is pictured. In the foreground the ad is dominated by two things, a confident statement, and an enlarged picture of the product in question; a dietary supplement. It should be noted that supplements are take for many different reasons, and at all levels of athletics. People who play golf, cycle, play football can all and do take supplements. This however, negates all of that. By using a weight lifting gym in the background this company is narrowing its reach to specifically market to hard core body builders. At least that is the message conveyed to this author analysing the print.

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The statement contained in the print says: I WANT size and strength that commands RESPECT. The words “I want respect’ have been highlighted because they are much, much larger in the advertisement. This is another selling point trying to be conveyed by Muscletech. If you use this, you will get the respect you earn, because you will become massive and strong. It has strong masculine undertones, and plays nicely to the naturally competitive nature that most males have. The reason this author is generalization in stating that this is designed for males, is because the weight pictured as well as the black on purple color scheme, seems to speak to most males.

I think this ad does do a good job of leaving racial influence out of it. Yes it is clear that it is intended for men, but there are none pictured so it could appeal to all races. If there is a tone, the only adjective that comes to mind would be, industrial. Silvers, metallics, blacks and purples convey this, and the gym in the backdrop seals this thought.

Earlier in the introductory paragraph it was stated that this advertisement appears to be misleading. Here is the argument as to why this is the case. The advertisement doesn’t give credit to the ingredients which are included into the powder, and because the gym is devoid of any active lifters, it could be misinterpreted to some that if you simply take this for a period of time you will get big because of this alone. In actuality that is not the case. Yes in most cases, lifters probably know that one needs to combine the powder with a rigorous weight lifting regimen to see results. Young, uneducated people just attempting to get involved with the activity could easily be misled.

This concluded the analysis of this advertisement. It’s strengths are that it gets the point across, it’s weakness is that it is misleading.

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