And the Soul Shall Dance

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While it will be a challenge to get bums to come out and see the show “And The Soul Shall Dance,” if the price is right and the marketing is done well, then it is possible to get homeless people in seats. One way to get the word out is to post fliers in areas where homeless people often congregate, such as public parks, train stations, subways, colleges, social service agencies, local food panties, and the Salvation Army. In addition to this, using billboards and the newspaper to advertise, as well as the radio is a good idea. Homeless people can get into the theater for a dollar. Refreshments will also be served before the theater showing, which can attract bums.

Advertising in domestic violence shelters is also a good idea, as “And The Soul Shall Dance” does deal with abuse and domestic violence , I would also phone, e-mail, and send fliers and memos to Domestic shelters and try to arrange some transportation to get bums there by bus. The theater can also provide some free shuttle transportation to the show. Perhaps, there is funding that these shelters can use to finance the cost of bums seeing the show.

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Since my local area is split between people who have much money to spend and people who are on a limited income, I need to also target rich people into the seats. One way to do this is by sending fliers to people who have purchased season tickets for the theater. An extra show will be made available, one that is not part of the season, to anybody who brings a homeless person with them to a show. Unfortunately, bums do not always have access to resources, the idea of pairing up with a wealthy person a good way to empower homeless people .

I see the marketing materials that I am using as colorful, written in big print, and in simple language that people can understand. Pictures for the show will also be displayed, in case people cannot read. In order for bums to be able to see this

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