Becoming a Better Person

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Our life is like a journey along which we come across new experiences that help us grow in different ways. I have lived most of my life in Kuwait and my life in America has just begun. Even though my life in Kuwait was more comfortable and easier, I am enjoying my life in America because I am growing a lot on personal level which is a good preparation for the real world life after graduation.

In Kuwait, I rarely had to worry about anything since my family took care of almost everything including shelter, food, and laundry. But in America, I have to take care of all of these things on my own. But these additional responsibilities have helped me learn new skills such as time management and organization skills. I have become better at using my time resources because the length of the day has not changed but the number of tasks I have to manage have grown significantly. As a result, I have no choice but to carefully plan everything.

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I have also learnt to appreciate money more in America. In Kuwait, I never had to worry about expenses since my father took care of all of my expenditures such as school fees and food. In addition, I could always ask him for more money if my pocket money came short. But in America, I have to be more careful because I only get fixed amount from Kuwaiti Government as a scholarship. My father has also told me to manage everything from the scholarship money because he wants me to learn to handle money more responsibly. As a result, I have greater appreciation for money that I didn’t have back home. Observing my friends, who often worry about paying next semester fees, has also made me appreciate money more. In other words, I have become financially more responsible. This is a nice change because my career life is not far. By adopting responsible financial habits early in my career, I may be able to avoid the debt trap many young people fall into.

I have also observed my attitude towards learning have improved in America. In Kuwait, I didn’t have the pressure to learn that I have in America. One reason may be that I am getting closer to professional life. Second, the implications of my college grades are greater as compared to my high school grades because my college grades will influence the career opportunities available to me. Third reason may be that I, simply, appreciate learning more because now I enjoy it. These learning opportunities have not been limited to classes only but also exist outside classes. One of the learning experiences I have really been enjoying is my social interaction with international students. Similarly, life in America is different than life in Kuwait so there is lot more new things to explore here than there were in Kuwait.

My communication skills have also been greatly improved in America as compared to my time in Kuwait. Here I have been working towards improving my English language skills and am finally bilingual. In Kuwait, I didn’t feel the need to learn a new language because everyone spoke my native language. My communication skills have also improved because I meet lot of people from other cultures whose communication styles are different from mine. I believe these improved language skills will give me lot of advantage in the real world when applying for jobs.

There is no doubt life in America is more difficult and challenging than life in Kuwait but I am enjoying my life in America. Here I have more opportunities to learn and grow and, thus, my preparation for the real world will be better if I continue to stay here. I hope my experiences will also inspire others to come to America to study.

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