Burger King Advertisement

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For this assignment, I have chosen the advertisement from “Burger King” with the sign “It’ll blow your mind away”. The reason for choosing this particular ad is the fact of sexism being present on the picture. Nevertheless, the ad is trying to sell a “Burger King Super Seven Incher” and the ad is meant to attract more attention to the dish.

The cause of sexism is widespread in the media. Particularly, in the advertisements one may note the connotations used by conveying the messages and trying to attract customers with a female body. Such approach has become of my interest, and that’s why I paid attention to this particular advertisement of “Burger King”. When I look at the add, the first think I notice is the image of the little girl. Only when I move my eyes down and read the message on the poster, I become aware that the aim of the ad is to attract a customer to a new product of “Burger Buffet”.

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The primary goal of the ad is commercial. Yet, it may be regarded from the social cause as it represents sexism. The product and the image are not directly connected in any manner. Yet, the marketers aimed to attract customers with the female face first. Having seen this ad, I was not motivated to buy a product. Instead, I became more interested in the tools of eliminating sexism from the media. That’s what I consider to be the cause in this particular ad.

The primary strength of the add is the big size of the letters and sign on the ad, saying encouraging customers to buy a product. On the other hand, the ad is weak due to the fact of the present sexism in it.

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