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When I was first introduced to Jessica, a special needs student, I was in the hallway conversing with a fellow student. I remember being startled by the actions of my classmates and noticed her standing idly out of the corner of my eye. Her approachability took me off guard: she was talkative, though to some hard to understand, but friendly in her demeanor. Rarely did a day go by that she did not converse about the trials of teenage romance, and with such enthusiasm. I particularly enjoy when her caretaker and her visit me at my part-time job at a popular contemporary accessories store. Her love for jewelry is unparalleled.

As our friendship grew I wondered why more people were not involved in assisting those with special needs in my high school. After all, Jessica was not the typical high school student. As a rising junior, I had limited experience and knowledge of special needs people. Jessica has inspired me to be engaged with school clubs that are predominantly charity focused. Furthermore, I have assisted the academic staff and fellow students during study hall and personal tutoring sessions.

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As cliché as it may sound one real moment that sticks out in my mind that Jessica has taught me is that charity is contagious. Her simple ability to be kind to me when I was in need of comfort exposed me to a greater sense of purpose. I have so many rewarding high school experiences; one recently was spearheading the student run Dance Marathon which successfully fundraised $80,000 for Rustic Falls, a unique outdoor experience for at-risk-youth, cancer survivors and physically and mentally challenged children and adults. I am honored to have been a driving force in achieving a goal that I had put my mind to as leader. I had not only made a financial contribution that would broadly change the circumstances of a needy person but I also learned the power of compassion and how it manifests into amazing opportunities.

One opportunity was being selected as the only representative for the D219 Education Foundation. D219 Foundation develops, acquires, and distributes financial aid and resources to support and enhance the quality and effectiveness of education for Niles Township High School students. To most people, Jessica is just another unknown student whose existence is far remote from their own. I no longer see awkward, nonverbal, or strange; I see a friend, a unique person whose life had touched mine without my recognition. I am forever inspired by that first brief, but important moment.

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