On Going To College

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On going to college, there is a lot of expectation and excitement. But here I am, at the place that I always daydreamed about for years. As I walk through the gates into a new world, it feels like going through the gates of freedom, of endless possibilities, through the gates of opportunity and chance. The atmosphere itself is different. The wind carries with it the scent of a brighter and better future.

I walk into my dormitory room and see two beds, a double room. A small, yet convenient room, not too small, just enough to fit everything I need. I know I would have a roommate soon, they would probably walk through that door at any moment. Who will he be? Will he be outgoing and fun, or probably just plain boring? What will his background be like? A wealthy and rich spoilt kid or an average Joe like me. The possibilities are endless.

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I sit on the bed as all this questions rush through my mind. Coming back to my senses, I switch to the other bed trying to get a feel for the more comfortable of the two. There’s no decisive one, I pick the one on the left, it’s closer to the window, and further from the door. “This has to be the beginning of something new”, I think to myself.

Enthusiasm rushes down my body as I step into class for the first time. The looks of expectation on everybody’s face and the aura gusto of the whole classroom is intoxicating. I can’t help but get caught up in it. In this very classroom, we begin as equals. Different backgrounds, different personalities, but at this point in time, we are all equals. I might be sitting in with the next president, a doctor, a business mogul or even a serial killer. I laugh to myself, “how funny life is” I think. Everybody at some point in time was given an equal opportunity, but somehow we all turn different.

As the class nears its end, the lecturer with everybody’s attention pops an unexpected question, “what is the meaning of life”. This question would continue to ring in my mind through the rest of the day. Breaking from class, walking through campus, I ponder, “What is the meaning of life?” What is the point of college and education? It seems like we have all been caught up in an ideal that society has prescribed for us; get a solid education, get a good job, get married and settle down.

I sat down and knocked on the sky and listened to the sounds. My mind roaming though the endless span of space, it came to me, I finally found it. College is pod, a cocoon of sorts, which incubates all students. In this cocoon, we all go through different stages and processes that shape us, our exposure to the different elements and the world. All these will determine our shapes, sizes and colour when we emerge from the cocoon. It is up to one to decide what sort of butterfly you’ll be.

And so begins my journey to shape my future. Confident and ecstatic, I will not let society prescribe what path I will take. I choose to think for myself rationally devoid of emotion and prescribed notion. I have always thrived best when I am able to think for myself rather that live within societies prescribed norms. College is all about shaping your own destiny and future through choice, a freedom that I aim to maximize and use wisely. This is my aphorism, my choice, my destiny.

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