Communication Theory in Clinical Practice for Health Professionals

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The competency is the behavior that entails the skills and knowledge that are required for satisfactory performance. More than just the aptitude and the intelligence, there are more underlying characteristics of a person that enables a person deliver their performance in a given job or role. These features are the traits, motives, social roles and the environment around them. A competency ensures that the employees can achieve the results and therefore creating value to an organization.The clear understanding of the core competencies that they need by the organization should be stated. There are various theories that lead to higher performance (De & Anderson, 2012).

The conscious competence theory n the stages and the process at which people learn new skills. It is commonly known as the ‘conscious competence learning model’. The theory remains an important and mostly very simple explanation of how we can learn, and it serves as a reminder to the needs of training people in stages. The training includes the recruits and the existing employees.

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The competence motivation theory is based on the individual’s feelings and personal power. The method increases when a person has successfully mastered a skill, and a task is very easy for them to do. This, however, encourages a person to learn and master more tasks. Measuring the competencies in an organization allows the people to address the areas that are needed to be focused on in an organization’s performance.

All companies have a need to realize the importance of having a workforce that is talented. They should have various strategies to help them nature the workforces and have various strategic efforts to aid the success of their efforts. Healthcare business administrators may have a broad range of organizational processes that will help them retain the high-performance employees and can know the areas that they need to focus on such as training programs. There are various competency tools that can be used to assess the competency of the health business administrators (Edwards & Elwyn, 2009).

The competency assessment is essential to building the employees’ plan for career development. One element that is critical is ensuring that the elements of managing performance are coached to the people so that they can develop skills that may let them realize success. These plans are tied to the assessment of the gaps in the individual’s skills and how each manager can evaluate the differences in the jobs and help them come up with the necessary strategies.

The http://www.phf.org/resourcestools/Pages/Core_Public_Health_Competencies.aspxrepresents different sets of skills that are desirable to the public health sector so as to protect and ensure improvement in the nation’s health. These tools help the public health professionals to identify and develop various needs and various plans of development to the sector.

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