Multimodal Gains and Losses

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This paper argues that there are gains and losses when we communicate through the multimodal format. The gains and losses are discussed concerning the various uses of our method of communication with one another in an efficient manner in order learn in a way that enhances our ability to learn. There are many ways, hence the word multi, to communicate in different ways, different modals. Finally, an overview of a project that will illustrate how multimodal learning can take place in the classroom.

Communication is always a multimodal format. It is an active process with a particular meaning to its design. Speech is composed of sound and then their words, which is shaped into concrete words that are punctuated by pauses to form a particular message. Writing is similar in that it utilizes a particular image which forms into words with punctuation which serves as pauses. Many people believe that writing is being replaced by images, digital images, in many instances of communication where previous it held meaning. (Kress, 2005). There are gains and losses when we communicate, using multimodal we lose the physical and emotional component of communication. “Cognitive reappraisal effectively influenced emotional experience and ERP signals elicited by outcome feedback (Yang, Gu, Tang & Luo (2013).”

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This aspect is into included in the digital representation, even though there may be sound, the spatial aspect is present and images and was included; the interpretation may be off, and further explanation is needed to add to make the communication complete. The various digital modals do not require feedback to respond to another human. Communication by way of speech requires feedback for the communication to be efficient and response to one another.

Speech and writing have a finite number of open, relatively vague elements in fixed order, and image or depiction of having of infinitely many full of specific details in public order. IN multimodal text, writing may be central since the composition of spatially expressed relationship communication. While reading has to be rethought to understand the connection. “The new media makes it possible to use the mode that seems more for the purpose of representation and communication (Yang, Gu, Tang, & Luo (2013).” The spatial recognition of images and markings translate into digital communication.

Multimodal forms of communication are using more than one form of communication. An example would be in communication, in the speech a person uses sound and then use the sound to form words. The mode, which is defined by Kress (2005) “as culturally and socially produced resources for representation.” The medium is the “culturally production that means for distribution of this representation as meanings, that is, as the message. (Kress, 2005).” Another example is writing, the person uses marks on paper and then uses those marks to create a spatial representation. “The simultaneous spatial logic of image representation lend itself equally readily to the description of silent entitles, and their (spatially) expressed relations (Kress, 2015).” Digital format shows a picture, includes sound and writing as part of the communication that is utilized to communicate with one another and other individuals.

As a result, the instructional design uses various forms that impact educational strategies in the classroom Children are encouraged to use technology, which is the ultimate in multimodal. These incorporate spatial components sound and image representation. “Design is focus forward; it assumes that resources are never entirely apt but will need to be transformed about all the contiguous of this environment now and the demands made.

This multimedia instructional unit is developed for students in primary grades who have a variety of moderate to severe disabilities. This unit begins with teaching children to explore the world, enjoy the essence of language, value their voice and others, as well as, repetition of sounds in words in reading and writing. As you develop your project, you can use iPad apps (Skitch, Evernote, Pop Lite, Storytelling, Notepad, Starfall, Learning Ally), Tablets, Chromebook, PC, and tape recorder. The focus of this unit is to encourage children to see the world with fresh eyes and explore their world. The technology will be used record, edit and provide a verbal and written voice for their snapshots. As the unit develops, the lesson will build on the writing process by retelling “a sequence of events with precise detail and write in such a series of events by observing each other.

Moments of their lives they will discuss and skills that they will use in their daily lives (Launching With Small Moments | Mrs. Yelin’s Blog. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://blogs.socsd.org/ryelin/authors/launching-with-small-moments/).” The students will use Learning Ally to read narrative books, which will be mentor texts for the students as examples of their narrative writing. Learning All will allow the students find examples of words or phrases that are used in different order, the use of language to convey meaning by taking risks as they invent and select new and different words. The students’ individual snapshots will be evaluated and critiqued by the students at the end of the week. This project is designed to illustrate the various multimodal that students can use in their learning.

According to Roberson-Revell, Nie, & Armellini (2012) “learning is enhanced, inspired and enable others in the educational community to test the role of these learning technologies in improving the distance learning experience. “(pp. 103-119). The different multi-modals will help the learning of the students to make them global citizens.

Kress argues that multimodal are the method that is the future, and we need to accept that as part of our world. The various parts of communication, speech and writing, are incorporated into a digital world. However, the one component that was left out was the emotional response that we receive from speech. The argument that critiquing a written response provides the same method is feedback to speech is incorrect because speech provides an emotional response. Multimodal provide an objective way to teach students.

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