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It is factual that language remains a complex communication system that constantly changes with advancement in age from the formative stages of life to old age, with each stage of life characterized by its own unique language skills determined by various environmental and biological factors. The purpose of this paper is to look into the subject matter from the spectrum of early childhood through an exploration of the language skills at this stage and the environmental and biological factors at play.

In the mindset of, McCartney & Phillips (2008), early childhood stage brings with it an explosion of language experience for children between the third and the sixth year. In the third year, the spoken vocabulary is approximated to consist of 900 words, with an expansion of the spoken vocabularies occurring at the age of 6 to reach between 8,000 and 14,000 words. During the toddlerhood and infancy periods before early childhood, children have the ability to comprehend far more words than they are able to speak. However, with the advent of the early childhood stage, their spoken/expressive language abilities begin to catch up with their ability to comprehend language or receptive skills.

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As children at this stage begin to use more than two-word sentences, they begin to understand and learn grammar rules, which usually start with the use of possessive forms of nouns such as Mummy’s bag and simple plurals such as cars. These rudimentary language skills are then followed by the application of appropriate endings on the verbs and the use of prepositions such as jump becoming jumped and ‘’in the house’’ respectively, in addition to the use of articles in sentences. Part of these skills emanates from the biological influences gained through attention and memory as children at this stage become more skilled at practicing and remembering the kind of language modeled around them besides modification of the words used around them based on the reaction of the people in the immediate environment.

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