Dove Evolution Video Analysis

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The video “Dove Evolution” reflects the complexities and prejudices upon the perception of women’s beauty. Modern world dictates plenty of rules based on one’s imagination about someone’s look. The video dismantles these perceptions and demonstrates the faults of such perception.

The concept of “Beauty Myth” was fist introduced by Naomi Wolf, who regarded the mode codes as such that are dictated by patriarchal society. She argued that societal pressures significantly impacted on women who had to adjust the way they look at modern mode codes. The video “Dove Evolution” closely intersects with the idea provided by Naomi Wolf.

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It is clear that that the video stresses the artificial effects of following the beauty concepts. One forgets about the natural beauty every human is granted with. There is a tight connection between following the codes and the emancipation. After receiving equal opportunities for education and self-development in the society, women are still likely to follow the fashion that has been previously dictated by men. One can notice a clear distinction between the person who appears in the beginning of the video and the artificial outcome of her transformation by using technology and make-up to produce a shape that would be likely accepted by a public.

“Dove Evolution” is a great example” of the beauty myth being in practice. It appears that the concept of beauty and perfection is the last one where many women remain not emancipated. The beauty industry dictates its rules and does not take into consideration any personal diversions in one’s appearance.

As for me, the video demonstrates one of the ways where most of the Western societies are dependent on the dictated codes. The concept of “beauty myth” serves an excellent evidence of one’s rules being spread into the public and perceived as a norm.

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